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That time when I fell in love with my face...

The selfie; some feel compelled to take them, many pour scorn on those who do and dismiss them as narcissistic. In truth, behind those selfies is probably one of two things: sadness or celebration (or a mingling of both). 1,014 more words

The Penfold's Mind

The Beans as Means [Winter 2014]

I finished the first semester of grad school in my neighborhood café. This venue has become a second home. Feeding my love for cafe culture with delicious food and espresso, par excellence; this café also offers an item you cannot import from Italy or find on the menu: a reunion of souls. 52 more words

Tangents Of The Fourth Demension


I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about being strong. The need to stay strong and battle on.
It’s something that teams up well with another post I had been wanting to write about perception. 866 more words

Established in Christ

We are living in the dangerous times and the message of doom is always preached to us by the world. Impending disasters and wars, deseases, economic collapse, persecution, cataclysmic weather events and seismic events all threaten us. 892 more words

Spiritual Life

A Letter To Christians In Indiana, From Jesus

Dear Christians In Indiana (and those elsewhere, who might read this),

I’ve seen what’s been going on there lately. Actually, I’ve been watching you all along and I really need to let you know something, just in case you misunderstand: … 1,317 more words

Christian Culture

Spiritual life

Something led me to one of my old websites, and I decided I would just post it as it was written 17 years ago…
I don’t use the word ‘Spiritual’ now; because it is so over-used; but reading this, I feel quiet, happy, serene, me. 376 more words


God's Will Is Love

A fitting quote from Father Rupnik as we enter into Holy Week on Sunday! May we discover the Father’s love for us in a renewed and deeper way as we contemplate Jesus’ great love for us on the Cross.  14 more words