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Natalie Glasson - The Awakening Of The Diamond Swans By Lord Merlin - 25 April 2015

It is with vibrations of magic, the nature world and the expansion of the universe of the Creator, I come forth to greet you today, I am Lord Merlin. 1,526 more words


Laura Bruno - Converting Lawns To Gardens: Nature’s Harvest Permaculture Urban Farm - 25 April 2015


In case it’s not obvious: I completely agree with everything shared in this post. Transform our lawns, transform ourselves, transform our communities. I experience this daily, as I’m out front, meeting neighbors walking their dogs, talking with the next door neighbors as I plant, mulch or weed, having micro-visits with David’s dad as he stops by on his errand runs. 269 more words


WakingTimes - Breakthough Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function - 25 April 2015

Jeff Roberts, Collective-Evolution
Waking Times

A team of Australian researchers are using a non-invasive ultrasound technology to assist in removing toxic plaque and lesions from nerve cells commonly associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.   12 more words


Wes Annac - No More Resistance, No More Censorship - 25 April 2015

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’m reaching a point in life where I no longer want to hold back. I no longer want to play small or watch from the background as other people fulfill their passions, and I want to contribute as continuously and wholeheartedly as everyone else who’s using their creativity and spirituality to uplift the world. 1,554 more words


7.9-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nepal, Damage Reported - 25 April 2015

image from http://earthquake.usgs.gov

A 7.9-magnitude earthquake has struck 80km east of the city of Pokhara, Nepal, the US Geological Survey said. Some buildings have reportedly collapsed in the capital, Kathmandu. 37 more words


ZeroHedge - America Ranks Below Israel In World Happiness Index - 25 April 2015

Despite aerial bombardment, growing tensions with every neighbor, and the almost ubiquitous daily car-bombs, Israelis are “happier” than Americans according to Bloomberg’s world happiness index… 52 more words


‘Lock Them Up In A Cell’: Family Of Slain Louisiana Man Arrested For ‘Sagging Pants’ Angry At Police - 25 April 2015

Family members of Ervin Edwards, who died in a Louisiana jail after being arrested for wearing “sagging pants,” could not hide their grief and anger after seeing the video that showed him being tasered and left motionless on the cell floor. 124 more words