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When Excellence Comes: St. Therese and the Little Way

It might not happen as often as we’d like, but sometimes we do something excellent: that fondant-covered birthday cake that actually looked like the Pinterest pin that inspired it, that time we calmed down the about-to-explode toddler with serenity and grace, that one time last fall when the entire house was clean. 274 more words


Why Can't You "Just Believe"? Parsifal vs Therese of Lisieux

Last year, I told a condensed version of my de-conversion story on Rod Dreher’s blog in response to a post he did in which he crowded about how millenials are supposedly flocking to conservative churches with traditional liturgies. 925 more words

How to spiritually check your anger as a parent

At the end of a tiring day, or when pressured, it is easy to get angry at your children who are too young to be very sensitive of the feelings of their parents. 526 more words


Tuesday: 1st Week of Advent

Advent turns us into children, not physically, of course, but spiritually. A child stands at the top of Isaiah’s peaceable kingdom in today’s reading:

“The calf and the young lion shall browse together, 292 more words


Getting Through Fall with the Grace of Confirmation

A post on Confirmation in the middle of September seems out of place. Agreed.

However, as the school year starts again and my duties get more serious: I must send them to school with lunch every day (there’s no more subsisting on snacks at the park anymore); I must bathe them regularly (no more “bathing” during swim lessons—surely the chlorine kills stuff?—or in the hose); I must read to them every day (words on cereal boxes no longer count); I feel like I need my own Parents more. 248 more words


Homily 14th Sunday Year C: Spiritual Childhood

Fr. Dwight P. Campbell, S.T.D.

“Learn from me, for I in meek and humble of heart.” With these words, Jesus teaches us the inner secrets of His Heart, His Sacred Heart, so full of love for us. 1,568 more words