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Mindfulness for children

Drop back into some of your own childhood memories, and you’ll see that you were practising mindfulness as well. Remember lying stretched out on the lawn on a warm summer day? 79 more words

Spiritual Articles

Christianity is Grammatic

Its just the other day that I started thinking of how Christianity and English is connected. Well, my mind got starred and here I go: 747 more words

Amazing Grace

Timing Is Everything

Sometimes we want things badly. At the time we think we can’t live without them. Our days are filled with thoughts of, “If I had this, I would (feel, be, have) so much more.” And sometimes our nights are peppered with fulfilling dreams that, unfortunately it seems, we awaken from, only to realize they were just dreams. 782 more words


Energy Clearing for Stress & Immune System

In this video I show you how to do the “Three Thumps” technique for stress reduction and immune system boosting.

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Spiritual Articles

How Affirmations Work

Affirmations are important to spiritual practice. But it’s not because they have magical power. It’s because they give the conscious mind something to focus on, and the subconscious mind something to integrate. 420 more words


The 40 stations on the path of irfan (mysticism)

The 40 stations on the path of irfan (mysticism) according to the 10th century Persian mystic of Nishapur, Khorasan, Sheikh Abū-Sa’īd Abil Khayr:


In the Name of Allah Most Merciful and Compassionate And in him is our refuge. 1,847 more words

Spiritual Articles

Manifesting Good Fortune

Good fortune, is so much more than a fortunate occurrence. And contrary to popular belief – it is not dependent on fate, or the universe smiling down benevolently upon you. 79 more words

Spiritual Articles