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***The following may be considered adult content.***

A bit of a tongue-in-cheek piece, not for the faint of heart! And no offense meant to Tantra practitioners – I simply acknowledge that mainstream society has latched onto the sexual aspect and left out the essence of Truth. 141 more words


Are You Sick?: Healing Consciousness Revisited

For those who have not read
Are You Sick?: Healing Consciousness,
it’s all about how our thoughts create our experience. The following insights come from experiencing mystical oneness, while the previous post was from a Unity or New Thought background only. 1,193 more words


Given This Day


We can’t really give anything to God. After all, God is infinite, so to say we can give Him/It anything, limits our perception of God. 389 more words


Rigveda samhita Homa Invitation 2015 - Sri Trayee Vidhya Gurukula

|| Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jivothama || || Om Sri Vedavyasaya Namaha ||

All the donations are exempted from 80 G Income Tax Act 1961. Please click 

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Spiritual Articles

Keeping the Silence

I’ve fallen into the trap of telling people. I tell them the truth. I tell them the principles of this or that. I tell them how to do something they want to learn. 629 more words


Islam vs Christianity


I have been inspired by the recent happenings in the world to study about Islam because of its impact especially the last few years of this millenium. 2,096 more words

Spiritual Articles

Mindfulness for children

Drop back into some of your own childhood memories, and you’ll see that you were practising mindfulness as well. Remember lying stretched out on the lawn on a warm summer day? 79 more words

Spiritual Articles