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What is she like?

She shines through the cracks on her skin
She stands tall despite of her broken bones.

The radiance of her smile in the face of… 30 more words

English Poetry

TPT: Was It Really a Spirit Attack?

In past blog posts I’ve talked about malevolent entities, benevolent entities and the difference between intelligent hauntings and residual energy. In today’s Talk Paranormal Tuesday, I’m discussing sad entities… 565 more words

Paranormal Expertise

SUMMER IMPORTS: Yokai Watch #1

This Summer, I’m giving a series a shot, and you can find it here each week, its called “Yokai Watch” and its headed to the USA in less than a year, and its not stoping there, video games and toys are headed they’re way too! 152 more words

Trafficking With The Spirits

Interest in the spirits, ghosts, paranormal activity and spiritualism has been on the upswing the past decade or so. There has been a deluge of books, movies, and websites about these topics. 355 more words


Land Of The Fey

Traveller of realms
Come follow this way
Around our domain
We show you this day
There are many halls in this land
Many troupes and many bands… 357 more words

Mezcal Tasting 101... how we do it!

We’ve been asked many times how we do our mezcal tastings. So let’s pull the curtain back a little and give you the skinny.

First, all of our tastings are done by Ed Draves. 395 more words