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When a Monkey Spirit Lifted My Spirits.

My first serious encounter with Buddhism was a very emotional one at a crucial time in my life.

I was homeless, unemployed and penniless. My freelance business had gone bankrupt and I was living in a friend’s leaky old caravan parked by the roadside outside their home in the Aussie bush. 479 more words


Homemade Booze: Spiced Rum

This week I began another venture into homemade booze: spiced rum. I’ve been checking out a few different recipes since around Christmas-time and was surprised to find that spicing rum would only take 5 days vs. 324 more words


Mysteries abound...

Does life really exist after death? That’s a question which almost everybody at some point of time has asked or answered. There are so many descriptions in religious texts about existence of heaven and existence of hell. 1,144 more words

Big Bang


I’m not a ghost, I’m a dream. There’s a difference.

Ghosts have a reason for being here; they desperately want to be human again, even though it’s impossible. 56 more words

A Message from Heaven

I went to see a medium last night. It was a group of about 100 people. I wasn’t really expecting my mother to come through. I was hoping she would, but I wasn’t expecting it. 671 more words

Tarot Break: When the Psychic Gates Open...

Over the past few months, I have dutifully dedicated myself to working with tarot on a daily basis. Since I have started working with my cards on a regular basis, I have noticed that my intuitive abilities have become much stronger. 854 more words