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If, A Post Gone Off Course

He never told me what to do “If“; and here I am crippled without anyone to lean upon.

My body is shaking and I’ve become so very solitary that there is no one to scream out: “help“. 201 more words

My Story

What If

I am trapped

An animal ready to escape

What if

Except I’m caught in an enormous trap

Self made


It is ruining me each day… 55 more words

Coming Undone

Scratches on a Cave Wall

Trapped within a cave, a rock is slowly being pushed against the only opening.

The air becomes thick and her breath labored; she is quite sure that she is not going to survive. 155 more words

Coming Undone

Butterfly Free

I do not learn. No matter how many times I have my head repeatedly beaten with a bat; I return and beg for more. My spouse half heartedly stands beside me and then backs down as soon as he is confronted by his siblings. 91 more words

Spirits & Ghosts