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Butterfly Free

I do not learn. No matter how many times I have my head repeatedly beaten with a bat; I return and beg for more. My spouse half heartedly stands beside me and then backs down as soon as he is confronted by his siblings. 91 more words

Spirits & Ghosts


While I should be creating, doing, functioning – this (above) is me. Unabashedly fast asleep. My tools around, my pretend or make believe life keeping me nice and warm. 124 more words


EX Medium's FREE online book & videos, by John Cramphorn.

My good friend John Cramphorn, is a former Spiritualist Medium. He wrote this book of his journey into Spiritualism and where it led him. He asked me to make it freely available for you to read here. 184 more words


Knock, Knock

Knock, knock Dad – can you hear me?

I wish that I could speak to you. I need you. I’ve got questions without answers – I need your help. 189 more words

Coming Undone

Saint Valentine: To Dad

Almost five years after losing my father, I am still missing him each day with a dull ache. Only I’m starting to remember some of the happy times now, rather than the agony since he stroked on 10.17.2009. 241 more words

My Story

Some residents have no name, no closet, no chair at the table

You’re moving into a new house; write about the people or person who lived there before you.

February 13 prompt, “A Writer’s Book of Days” 735 more words


Where Is Heaven?

I don’t know where my father is; although there is a portion of him that lives in ashes, in a box.

People tell me that “he lives within me”; sometimes I believe them. 377 more words

Spirits & Ghosts