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Possessory trance, part 1: self-deception, and testing the spirits

I had to submit myself to possession recently, to fulfill an obligation to a spirit.  I’d refused to let him take hold of me before — during a Spiritist mass!   814 more words

Your Destiny

Fate, Destiny, Determinism – None of That – You are Just Going to the School of Earth

Attempting to determine what is fate and what is freewill is difficult when exploring Spiritism. 21 more words


St. Louis Discussing Predestination

In the recent publication, Spiritist Review – Journal of Psychological Studies – 1858, by the United States Spiritist Council, which is the compilation of all of Allan Kardec’s Spiritist Review magazines for the year 1858, there is a series of questions for the spirit of the French King, known as St. 514 more words


James' NDE - Interpreted by Spiritism

James had a full life review, with a council determining if he should stay or return. He also found out that indeed, he did have a life plan. Read More.


A letter in English from Chico Xavier to his Friend

On May 26, 50 years ago, Chico Xavier visited the USA for the first time. Here’s one of his letters to his friend Nair in Brazil: … 80 more words


Values and Identity (Excerpt)

The true test of courage is the ability to remain resolute in the face of uncompromising fear, or circumstances unbecoming to the encumbered physical vessel or entity. 312 more words


Keeping the Same Gender Over Multiple Lives

In The Spirits Book, we are told that spirit can be reincarnated as either sex. But we aren’t told if spirits alternate or stay the same sex in life after life.  375 more words