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Spiritism 101 - The Third Revelation

I have now posted on Amazon Kindle a short e-book which covers the basic principles of the Doctrine of Spiritism. I have set the lowest price available ($0.99) on Amazon so anyone should be able to download the book on their reader. 108 more words


The Unspoken Voice from the Divine Plane

Emmanuel, in the forward to the book, Between Heaven and Earth, tells us of an unspoken voice that tells all of us:

“The Law is alive and Justice never fails! 118 more words


The Early Church - What Did the First Christians Believe?

In the book, Hail Christ!, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel to Francisco C. Xavier, there are passages on what the early church was like for the first Christians. 823 more words


Sold a copy of AFTER JEWEL

On Sunday, because my house was without internet, my son and I drove to our local Atlanta Bread Company only to find it closed. So we continued on to Panera Bread, settled on a table with an electrical plug along the wall. 396 more words

What is your Opinion? – Analyze the Communication of a High Order Spirit to Nosso Lar

In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, there is a chapter detailing the events when a guest speaker from a high order world, gave a lecture to spirits in Nosso Lar. 51 more words


What it means to be a Good Husband and Father

In Taylor Caldwell’s, A Pillar of Iron, which was psychographed, there is a passage where Cicero’s mother tells a young Cicero what it means to be a true man. 209 more words


Have You Been Told you are Unique? We really are!

A favorite saying is that “we are all unique”. Sounds like an empty expression that is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves. But according to the Spirit world, we really are unique; we each have a radiation signature that is not the same of anyone else in the universe.

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