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Different Levels of Planning Future Lives

Spiritist recognize that we are put on earth to travel through a predetermine set of trials. We also have free will in how we chose and react to these trials. 389 more words


Death is Actually Awakening

In Life and Destiny, a book by Leon Denis,he turns around the common usages of birth and death and explains the process for what it really is; 276 more words


Spiritual Contracts - How we are prepared for the next life

I am reproducing a post made by Mauricio C. Filho on the US Spiritist FaceBook site. The original post is here. The post links to the webpage that contains the translation… 1,248 more words


Nosso Lar - The Story of Dr. Andre Luiz

“Nosso Lar”, which means “Our Home” in English, is a movie based on a book that was psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, dictated by the Spirit Andre Luiz. 105 more words


Your Mind directly Affects your Body

In the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, by Francisco C. Xavier, the effects of passes are discussed. Read closely what is said:

“Passes are a transfusion of energies that alter the cellular field. 198 more words


The Spiritist Case for Reincarnation

Many religions believe in reincarnation, but why does Spiritism believe in it? Spiritism considers the early Christians also professed knowledge about our souls reincarnating, but this belief dissipated over the centuries after Christ. 17 more words


Oscar Wilde from Purgatory - Hester Travers Smith

Online Text
(I printed and published my own edition)

Well Ireland is having a gay marriage referendum tomorrow, and although I can’t vote, I can review a text by Ireland’s most infamous homosexual. 676 more words