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William H's NDE - Interpreted by Spiritism

8/14/14 – William H had an NDE in 2003 and he found himself in surrounded by beings made of light, who could communicate by thought. What does this mean to us and how it should change your thinking is explained.

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The Triple Aspect of Spiritism

The Triple Aspect of Spiritism – Spiritism is a doctrine, not a religion. It is built upon Philosophy, Science and Religion. Find out more about the firm foundation of Spiritism. Read More.


Reincarnation – Existing Family Bonds are Strengthen through Multiple Lives

People wonder do we have many families, mothers, fathers, and so on as we travel through multiple lives. How do we manage having a menagerie of relatives while in the spirit world? 14 more words


Michael Joseph's NDE - Interpreted by Spiritism

Michael Joseph had one of the most complete NDE’s that I have seen. He was able to retain many memories from his experience. His revelations of the spirit world are fascinating. 38 more words


Why we can't have a memory of our previous lives

In the book, Between Heaven and Earth, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a woman, Antonina, asked why we can’t have a living memory of previous lives? 250 more words


Socrates - Preparing the Way for Christianity and Spiritism

More that 400 years before Christ, there was a man in the cradle of Western Civilization that was preaching the doctrine of Christ and Spiritism. It was Socrates in Athens. 54 more words


From "Robert Ponart"

1. Weakness is Lost Ambition

Called to greatness, but lacking resolve, the man plummets forth like a ship afloat a churning sea.

Have you been called to greatness? 485 more words