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Subtle differences in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.

The tears came from nowhere…….. the overwhelming urge to cry, I couldn’t stop myself such is the power of grief, now mellowed with the passage of time, now managed – mostly – 540 more words


The Wall

On and on we go…. Where we stop nobody knows. Or do they?

Been to see a medium, twice in fact. Without doubt the spirit of my husband was with me sharing the moment. 950 more words


Freemason Manly P. Hall on death.

The word “Death” is a misnomer as we generally use it.
Those are not dead who have laid aside their mortal coil–they really are dead who do not know themselves. 130 more words

The Spirit Realm - An Introduction

 The Spirit Realm – What is the spirit world? How did it begin and what is our little corner like. Find out our place in the vast universe(s). Read more.


Dances with Fae

I created this from some photos of leaves and blossoms I’ve taken over the past year or so and just felt it reminded me of  the faery-kind dancing with delight in the early world at our feet – dances which go un-noticed by human beings. 28 more words

The Spirit World - From Talk by Elder Neal A. Maxwell

The Spirit World
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
of the Quorum of the Twelve
(The Promise of Discipleship, ch. 9, pp. 105-114)

Often Church members suffer from a lack of perspective, perhaps understandably, as to the vastness and intensity of the Lord’s work in the spirit world. 2,915 more words

The Spirit World

The Spirit World - Various Statements from Prophets

Teachings Concerning The Spirit World

Spirit World – The Next Phase of Existence

 Joseph Smith • The righteous and the wicked all go to the same world of spirits until the resurrection. 23,350 more words

Spirit World