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An Angel’s Message To You!

This video is an angel’s perspective on our life. Understanding that in spirit the only time is now. All we really have is now and now is always here. 106 more words


In the Rain Shadow...

…mythical creatures claw themselves free of the forest floor…

rise up on the verges of the ancient tracks…

and stretch out to drag you into their gully. 57 more words


Consciousness Separate from the Brain

I realized something yesterday. And maybe some people already know this, but I did not until someone asked me this about one of my previous posts on consciousness: … 421 more words

Intuitive Awareness

Does Jesus Have A Sanctuary in Vision 2020?

Last night I watched a video of Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and I saw a woman who sold her husband’s helicopter: the historical machine that any bimbo would know is worth more than the retail price because Messiah Rev. 845 more words


"Monkey Beach": close to the spirit world

Where is the divide between the spirit world and the corporeal world? Is there a divide?
I know that when my Grandma died, people had dreams and visions of her and each encounter was comforting. 784 more words


Find The Right Psychic Medium Reader

If you find the right spiritualist psychic medium for contacting lost loved ones and friends, then this can benefit your life hugely.

There is no end to man’s search for the solution to his problems. 636 more words


The Eluhim and the Tower of Nagas

The Eluhim and the Tower of Nagas

Leonora Carrington.
Now there’s a name.
One to ponder, meditate upon,
remain in memory,
as out from a line a stone shines, 644 more words

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd