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“Quakely Shocked”

For many, it might have been a routine Saturday morning. Heading for their offices, schools or carrying out the daily chores of the day. Unpredictably, it wasn’t a routine Saturday morning for me and for most of the Northeastern locals around the country and neighborhoods. 367 more words

Spirit Guide

Another reason to save the bees

When the weather is really nice, my husband and I like to sit on our deck and enjoy the view of our backyard. Last Friday wassuch a day, and while we were enjoying the outdoors a big old bumble bee kept flying around. 479 more words

Day 52

I really, really, really don’t want to drink anymore. I did a Shamanic journey last night at 3am. I met my Spirit guide in the lower world, and gave my addiction to this helping spirit. 61 more words

Sober Days

Why do we need to ask? Aren’t our Guides psychic??

I’ve often heard that one’s guide or angel can’t help unless asked yet… I’ve wondered why this is the case.  I mean, I’m sure they see and know what the issue is… 415 more words

Spiritual Writing

People who work at Liquor Stores

“Dedicating this one to Mikey… just ignore the typo”

Funny Pictures

The Envelope

She sat by her nightstand as she prepared each day, yearning to see him again after he ventured into the unknown to explore the wilderness. In their quiet home, she waited tirelessly to be contacted one more. 1,064 more words


Ever since high school I have had dreams involving fish. In some I would be setting up a tank, or going to a pet store to buy some, or in a pond with them swimming around. 475 more words

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