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My eventful night continued after the dreams of going to college.


I found myself again semi-lucid and walking through the streets of Hollywood with a man. 430 more words


I Surrendered:

Friday, February, 27, 2015

I am afraid this is going to be a long post, but to make it clear I have to do so. Since 27 September of 2014, my life is changing, I have never been so much spiritual in my life that is I am now. 592 more words

Life Purpose

Looking through all of my old writings and Here’s a little Gem I was given back in December 2014.

‘what’s my real life purpose though?’ 64 more words

Black is beautiful. Not just in February. A tale on perspectives and colors

Dear friends,

I took the photograph, you see here today, in Hawaii last year. Hawaii is known for gorgeous beaches, beautiful flowers, stunning scenery and the famous and welcoming Hawaiian spirit of “Aloha”. 686 more words


Near death experience or divine intervention?

Normally, near death experiences occur when someone has lost consciousness from a major injury or medical emergency and their life is in danger. It is while in that unconscious state that some people meet angels or see the infamous white light. 1,574 more words

A Psychic’s Blog

In Search of Answers for Eden: Meeting Josephine and Eden's Authentic Self

Mateo woke up at 4am and Erik let me go back to sleep. It took a while, so I knew I may have an OBE. I recited “Now I’m out of body” again and again without thinking of an intention. 761 more words