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Intelligent Stars

Mateo woke up at 3am for an hour. This is nothing novel to our lives. And it’s a wonderful accidental Wake Back To Bed method. 513 more words

Extended Dreams

I have not yet shared the occurrences of what I will call “extended dreams” yet because it was not yet known to me. However, I am certain now of the existence of such a dream and the purpose of it. 1,273 more words


Your Own Spiritual Journey

In this video I speak about tracing back your own spiritual journey. I tell you why you should be doing this, how to do this and the wonderful gift that you will get from doing this.

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Discovering Your Spiritual Guide

In today’s video I talk about some tips in recognizing and discovering who or what your spiritual guide may be. Enjoy!

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Jack Up Your Intuition (Whatever Stage It's At Right Now)

Hey, Snookerdoodles!

So a lot of you were pretty blissed out about our subject of psychics last week (at least according to my increasingly-exciting site stats). 560 more words