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July SWC now (a bit late) ready

Evening all, I can only apologise for the day’s delay in SWC this month. Time got away from me! If you head over to the… 32 more words

Exercise Related

The Evolution of a Town

My grandma (actually my hubby’s grandma) passed away a few years ago at the age of 92. I would often ride my bike and visit her and she would always ask me if I rode my bike to her and how far. 205 more words


The Story of Wool Continued: Before we can spin, we have to line up the fibers

On the left is a bag of washed (or “scoured”) wool “in the locks” meaning more or less as it came off the sheep. Before the wool can be spun into yarn, the individual wool fibers need to be lined up so they are parallel to each other. 55 more words

Spinning Day - Thursday June 25, 2015

 We had our first spinning day on Thursday, June 25th, in our Breadalbane Studio. We have a brand new carder that every one can use and the ladies brought colorful fibre, different kinds of fleece, yarn or what ever they wanted to play with to make a “crazy” fun batt to spin.  44 more words

Independance Day Workout Alert

Sunday morning is the perfect time for a workout. We’ve had a little time to kick back and rest over the weekend, we are not as strapped for time as we are during the week, and we have the day ahead of us to recouperate. 203 more words


The Best Laid Plans of procrastinators rarely get done

But even knowing that I’m a procrastinator and against my better judgement  I think I’m actually going to try out a game plan for July to get back on the creative wagon. 449 more words


The Spinning Mojo

Since I have finished most of my current knitting projects now and didn’t quite feel like starting another big one, I decided last weekend to dust my poor little spinning wheel and give it some love. 187 more words