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Blowing my own trumpet - can't help I am fabulous

You know I like to experiment. With music, class format, type of workouts etc. I spend hours scouring YouTube and Googling stuff that would shake things up in my indoor cycling class a bit. 781 more words

Indoor Cycling

7/1/15 Playlist

Had a couple newbies in class this morning and they ROCKED! They must have planned ahead and set their alarms :)

7/1/15 Playlist: 98 more words


SKETCH: Ladies Tennis, ISIS and EVEL MacSporrans

Were they tails that the Speaker was wearing, and a waistcoat? Is he finally dressing the part? It’s cruellest trick he’s playing on his critics. He’s turning himself into a decent Speaker. 498 more words

Guido Fawkes

ROO #135: Rachele Pojednic on Changing the Nutritional and Lifestyle Landscape of America

“I think that’s why professionally I do both: so, I’m in that sweaty dark studio with the music blaring and then at the other part of my day, I’m looking at what scientifically is going on in your body during those times. 200 more words


Commit to be Fit: Part 2

So when I first started blogging I made a pact that I was also going to start exercising more and eating healthier. This has been a rather hard journey for me but I have managed to lose a stone in weight and made some good friends whilst doing so! 119 more words


I'm a Dreamer

My dreams have been dancing around

Like litter ballerinas they spin, twirl and at times soar.

Some are graceful and full of life

But like a dancer learning new moves… 8 more words


6/27/15 Playlist - Love is Love ♥

How fitting is this picture I was lucky enough to take on June 26th? I’m a skeptic of signs and fate, but this rainbow on June 26th felt like a gift – a gift to America for finally making the right choice. 168 more words