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Post Workout GRUB

You work out hard. You feel amazing. You kicked ass. And then you ruin everything you did by letting your adrenaline-high, this feeling of immortality, lead you into the arms of a high caloric, evil temptation. 126 more words


Another Giant Bummer

Remember the 50/50 silk/yak I mentioned in my overdyeing post?

It’s beautiful. I purchased 4 ounces from Carolina Homespun at Lambtown last October, and have been slowly spinning it worsted the past few months. 549 more words


Latest and greatest

Smashing pumpkins “Gish”

Barnes and Noble now sells records! Always support the little guy when you can but this is pretty awesome too.

D Town Instructor | Jasmine Zutter

Jasmine Zutter, studio director and lead instructor at The Ride House, looks like a Pantene model on wheels. Seriously, her hair looks like this photo during the entire 45 minutes of cycling. 1,235 more words


Video Premiere

I’ve started moving into experimenting with video production. I took my new recorder and my homemade steady cam out to Studio 526 for the Spin Jam event that week… 47 more words

John Pilger: Why the rise of fascism is again the issue

The mainstream media might think they veil their agenda, but it doesnt take the hardest look to see right through its machinations.

Its time to wake up, and spread the awareness. 11 more words