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Should I take
a step toward
something that
could push me
back down?

Is it safe to come
out of hiding and
believe again?

Poetry: #0001

She held me captive
Not against my will
That’s why I was able to live
I don’t know how it happened
But I don’t ever want it to end… 33 more words


Estranged From My Past Life

When I speak about my past to someone I haven’t known for years,

My stories spill out like tales I have almost forgotten how to tell. 46 more words

Creative Writing


it takes an
for you to
rise up and
build a mountain.

If you leave...

I’m sure you’d leave a scar.

It’d be one of those open cuts that I’d need stitches for. I’d wince at every pinch, every memory while trying to close the gash. 158 more words

Creative Writing

Existence is a conceptual art piece

I woke up this morning in Flint. It had snowed while we were away and the evidence was scattered in spots where little sun could reach. 580 more words