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The rain softly kisses the window while you sleep hung-over, your nakedness eating up the entire bed. Diana Krall’s sultry voice fills the hazy apartment with something other than incense. 55 more words


On off automatic reverse.

I remember word

processors I eat processed

food it’s all process

Push Your Ghost Out

I keep trying to disappear
And it’s not fair
Cause when I close my eyes
It’s you that’s there

I just want to evaporate
But I don’t it to be too late… 93 more words



I’m trying to get used to
Sheets without you in them
The rain will never feel as wet
All I’m saying is I’ll never forget… 189 more words



He could not help
but look over his
shoulder, searching
intently for the
possibility of her.

She was with him
in his very being.
She had built a home… 14 more words


You were
just a whisper
in the wind.

I ran after you
with every ounce
of energy I had,
only to watch you
fly away faster.

His Long Travels

The traveller was weary, his were feet slow,
He walked, treaded, crawled, and had ways to go.
His legs had gone cold, and were a snowy pure, 262 more words

Spilled Ink