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Spilled ink: #001

When I was a child I remembered myself to be pretty much gay and bright. I laughed and smiled and played all day long. I would want to see that now. 17 more words


Opinion on Feminism

Most likely you’re already rolling your eyes at this post, probably thinking that I will use this excerpt solely to bash men and try to persuade you to think “they’re the enemy;” but that’s not what I intend to do at all. 335 more words



The last thing she remembered was an ear piercing obnoxious laugh as blinding headlights tore her to pieces. She felt the earth shake beneath her as her unsteady feet could no longer hold her fragile body. 301 more words


Irina Belmes: on Women Empowerment

Coming from a prestigious university, relative to that of the people where I come from, and from my colleagues, my thoughts may seem incompetent and inferior but I would not let that keep me from letting them out anyway. 435 more words


Ward Diaries

i can’t say that i don’t miss the
spotless white walls,
i can’t say i can no longer hear the
eerie screaming in the halls… 215 more words


Soldiers Plight

The frustration never goes away
and these hard cold feelings never sway
impossible to control the dark in me
its getting harder and harder to see… 179 more words

Spilled Ink

Beautiful Tragedy

Your kiss felt like
a saltwater pool on a hot day,
warm, fuzzy socks in the winter,
and I relaxed
when you would hold my face. 66 more words