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We are born into this generation of hate,
Of despising your natural body size of only wanting space
To grow between your two thighs, a butt as round as the honey crisp tossed, bruised, carelessly to the side, just because you wanted to be recognized for how thin you’ve become, 529 more words


I could not

I attempted to feel cold, like the nights you felt
the chill of the world when it had abandoned you.
So I walked outside and pulled out a smoke, 227 more words


How am I supposed to keep living when I hear about my friend attempting suicide?
How am I supposed to breathe, when she is thrashing alone on her bed for a little bit of air? 96 more words



I am utterly impressed by the way you speak,
by the way words roll off your tongue.

As if you’re tenderly coaxing every syllable as if it was a newborn baby learning how to coo. 71 more words


Discussing Abortion

I don’t normally like to use this page to go off on rants or vent, but something happened recently that I feel like needs to be discussed. 308 more words


Don't ask me why

I have this idea in my head & it’s keeping me afloat.
I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore,
Just taken by the undercurrent
Which I pray will lead to safer lands