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Ward Diaries

i can’t say that i don’t miss the
spotless white walls,
i can’t say i can no longer hear the
eerie screaming in the halls… 215 more words


Soldiers Plight

The frustration never goes away
and these hard cold feelings never sway
impossible to control the dark in me
its getting harder and harder to see… 179 more words

Spilled Ink

Beautiful Tragedy

Your kiss felt like
a saltwater pool on a hot day,
warm, fuzzy socks in the winter,
and I relaxed
when you would hold my face. 66 more words


In another universe.

It’s 3:35 ante meridiem, 15th of February year 2015.

Here I am, deep in the night, staring at the wall & listening to a chill music from spotify, & wonderin’ bout my life lately. 43 more words

The Girl

Lost Witch Girl pt 2

Lost Witch Girl pt 2

A History


“Theres always been an unseen world. Sometimes evil gets the upper hand. But the power that the light gives, saves…and saves us all.”- 1,064 more words

Lost Witch Girl pt 1

by L.Pannell

“Whot ya want lost gal, who are you?”
“What do you mean? I’m me” I said, standing there confused. 1,588 more words

Why I must die today

I am only human. I could only go through much. And if there is indeed a god who created us, breathed life unto us; a god with immeasurable greatness, unconditional love and overflowing mercy, then I’m certain he would understand why I must die today. 514 more words