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It's good to be a spider

I always knew spiders were smart but didn’t know how smart. Apparently, they’re not just smart but can feel sex. Good for them!

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Challenging Cybill

Cybill was a brown-and-gold tabby and she moved in on the 2nd of July 1998. She was gorgeous but not necessarily very photogenic. 1,503 more words

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Spiders! (07/07/2015)

A personal project this time; on travelling back from the It’s in the Square event, I stumbled upon a nest (colony?) of spiders. The clouds didn’t really permit getting up and close on Sunday, so I returned today in the sunny if a little breezy weather to get some pictures. 36 more words

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Free Coloring Book! Princess Violette and the Magic Hairbrush

Print out the file in the link, and you will have a free coloring book to work on over the weekend. Be creative!

What color is your ocean?

Violette Coloring Book July 2015

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Macro | Thomisus onustus

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Ragno granchio

By UlisseQuadri

Source: 500px.com


Spider Web

Photographing a spider web is harder than it may seem. The trick is getting the focus point right, and selecting an angle where the web is actually visible. 47 more words