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architectural design; the spinner hides, holding two strands, ready to return to the centre

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Freya Pickard

Macro | /IoOOoI\

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By omika

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Wasps 1. The Builder

Overnight tiny African mud huts appear in building crevices. They are neat and rounded with a perfect cylindrical entrance. I’m slightly ashamed to say, the first time I found one of these structures I had no idea what it was and prodded it at arm’s length with a skewer until it crumbled, revealing a quite gruesome assortment of spider corpses, each stored in its own individual tomb cell. 163 more words

South Africa

Woman Bitten by Black Widow Spider Found in Grapes

A Vermont woman was hospitalized after she was bitten by a black widow spider when she reached into a bag of grapes she bought from a local Shaw’s supermarket. 46 more words

Black Widow

Black widow spider crawls out of bag of grapes, bites woman

COLCHESTER, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont woman has been bitten by a black widow spider her family says was hiding in a bag of grapes. 151 more words

Family Safety

Macro | Jumping spider with prey

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By Tukki


Woodchuck charges human with his pants down

“Police were notified about a possible rabid woodchuck that charged at a person on Longmeadow Drive.”

“Police were notified about a man stumbling in North Amherst center with his pants down and exposing his backside. 132 more words