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Stand up for Pregnancy!

There are 10,000 medical studies that all point to one simple conclusion.  Sitting down is devastating to our health.  Even if you exercise regularly, you cannot undo the damage caused by sitting more than 3 hours a day.  404 more words

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Emotion overload

I want to explain some of the emotions and different feelings I had before starting the IVF process. The hardest thing for me to deal with was my rapidly changing emotions and feelings about the whole thing. 698 more words

Daily Health Tips: Does Semen Flow-Back After Sexual Intercourse Affect Fertility?

Q: Good morning, Doctor. Please I have this problem with my partner such that whenever we have sex, after withdrawal the semen returns back and we have been trying to conceive. 372 more words

The back story...

I have always been perfectly healthy. No broken bones, stitches, surgeries, nothing. In August 2012, two weeks before my wedding at a routine OBGYN appointment, I learned I had a large fibroid tumor. 433 more words

Watery Semen, Causes and Solutions

If you have a large sexual appetite, and have sex or masturbate about 3 times daily you should expect your semen to be watery. Sperm makes up just about 5% of the semen (ejaculate) and so hypothetically you cannot say ” I have watery sperm” but you can say watery semen. 321 more words

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High & Horny: Does Marijuana Lower Men’s Libidos and Sperm Count?

Studies on the effects of marijuana on the male sex drive have given us contradictory results for over forty years. Why can’t we get a clear-cut answer? 320 more words

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