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Something For Spelling

Something new that we have tried for spelling!

At the beginning of the year I did not incorporate spelling as often as I should have and of course Bug’s spelling suffered because of it.. 407 more words


Give this writing exercise a try...

I was reading through my monthly Writer’s Digest magazine, when I came across an interesting writing exercise. It was featured in the middle of an excerpt from Nancy Ragno’s  414 more words


"border" versus "boarder"

Ah, there’s nothing like bad spelling, especially when the writer is supposed to be a professional:

“The dangerous aquatic tornado is not a mystery, however, as it appeared when the U.S. 94 more words


agathokakological (a-gə-thō-ka-kə-lä-ji-kəl)

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer so far. This summer, I plan to watch all of the Star Wars movies… 188 more words


Taylor Swift gets piggyback ride

I think the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Celebrity meant piggyback:


2015.07.01 - Spelling test

Since K2 started in the beginning of the year, Big E is getting spelling test every week to boost up her vocabularies in school. After a month of Jun holiday break, this week officially restart for term 3. 31 more words