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Redundant Ritz.

Is it just me, or does the description under the word Pizza make no sense?


The value of a postmortem

At some websites, writers and editors hold a daily postmortem to discuss the popularity of articles appearing on their site.  At Yahoo! Style the writers and editors should hold a meeting to figure out why they can’t even spell postmortem:


Know thy subject

This should be one of the basic commandments of journalism: Know thy subject. At least know how to spell your subject’s name. That’s not exactly the philosophy over at Yahoo! 28 more words


Our Fifth Grade Curriculum: Spelling

I couldn’t find a lot out there on How to Teach Spelling and How to Spell, so hopefully if someone is searching, this will help!  1,049 more words




Quite a few years ago I created a page of spellings that my son could do and spellings that he was working on. To split them into two groups I used Mr Tumble pictures (as that is who he liked at the time), so the right had side showed the words we were working on the left hand side showed the words that he could spell. 52 more words

Downs Syndrome

For the love of football and grammar.

Have you ever wondered which NFL team fanbase has the best or worst grasp of grammar? Me neither. But if you did . . . well, wonder no more! 61 more words