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Mistakes aplenty

There are mistakes aplenty on Yahoo! Style. And this intrusive use of the apostrophe is just one:

What the heck did the writer think was the purpose of that apostrophe? 25 more words


Round up the mistakes!

If I could round up all the grammatical and spelling mistakes made by Yahoo! Style writers and editors and wrote a roundup of them, that would be quite a ginormous summary. 24 more words


Spelling words: 6th grade girls

Spelling words for week of April 27th:

Words Often Confused

breath, breathe, all ready, already, choose, chose, dairy, diary, lose, loose, quiet, quite, accept, except, weather, whether, desert, dessert, cloths, clothes

6th Grade

High Frequency Word Bingo

As I have said in my previous posts bingo games have worked well and my son was having great difficulty in learning and recognising the high frequency words.   107 more words

Downs Syndrome

Rogue Words from A to Z: The Vicious Viscous Villain

Today’s rogue words story will vanquish two very villainous words: vilify and vicious.


The word vilify is derived from the word vile. It means to talk about something in “an abusively disparaging manner.” It’s often misspelled as… 347 more words


Tame your computer - simple spellcheck

Have you ever written an email message and spotted a spelling mistake as soon as you clicked on “Send”? Perhaps you didn’t allow yourself the time to reread the message. 178 more words

Microsoft Outlook