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The Möther Töngüe, Part II

I recently wrote here about my four-year-old daughter, Little Sis, and her, well, “unique” vocabulary in which she has created her own words for some everyday items. 594 more words


Word(s) of Wisdom, March 2, 2015

In English, spelling can be a tricky business for native speakers, let alone for those whose first language is something other than English. I was reminded of such spelling challenges this weekend when a friend of mine, who was born abroad, told me she had enjoyed the delicious “Sheppard’s” (i.e., Shepherd’s) pie that I had served for supper. 165 more words


Spelling for the week of March 2-6

Your words this week:

Your Task:

Create a paragraph, story, poem, rant, whatever that uses all 10 of this week’s spelling words.

Due date: Friday, March 6th (same day as the test!)

Language Arts

Luddled Metters

I’m always mixing letters,
it comes as no surprise,
when T’s turn into R’s
and O’s turn into I’s.

But tempered tapping,
keyboard slapping,
Luddled Metters, on the page, 102 more words



For some reason, I always want to spell ad nauseam, “ad nauseum,” as if it’s the singular of a plural. It’s interesting to reflect on the way words get caught up in our brains a certain way. 142 more words


This is meant to be a criticism

My only criticism of this on yahoo.com? It’s a misspelling that would have been easily detected by a spell-checker or a person who knows how to spell:


Cn U rd ths? Iz ths nvntid spln?

Yes, this is invented spelling. Invented spelling (a term that goes back to the Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget) is a kind of spelling that little children use as they learn to write. 568 more words

Vowel Sounds