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This one got passed over

Here’s a typo (at least I hope it’s a simple typo and not a deliberate spelling) that got passed over during the proofreading cycle. Oh, yeah, I forgot. 8 more words



I love the word “idyllic”

It is such a lovely word,

Though its spelling is nonsensical,

In fact it’s quite absurd.

Punctuating Quotations

As I was marking a fellow student’s in-class exercise a few weeks ago, it became clear to me that people who are in their third year of university are still struggling with how to correctly punctuate quotations. 439 more words

Is the Hyphen Nonmandatory?

I was asked recently about when to use a hyphen with a prefix.

The word causing concern was ‘nonmandatory’. To hyphenate or not to hyphenate; that was the question. 267 more words


This writer knows how to commit

If you’re going to pound out a word, commit to it, just like this writer for Yahoo! Style did:


The Best You Can Bee

As a parent, you are forced to attend a multitude of school events where you whittle the away the hours watching band recitals, talent shows, and peering at student art all the while secretly wishing you were at home with the remote in hand. 657 more words


March 29, 1852


Moreen Fabric*


March 29 Monday.  Orinthia returned with us from meeting

yesterday  She helped Susan wash the dishes and

I cleaned the sitting room and afterwards sat down… 274 more words

19th Century