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Squeezing in

The writer for this set of instructions in a Yahoo! Makers video managed to squeeze in an extra Z and eliminate an E. Nice job!



It’s one of those daze. ┬áMy spell-checker is at a loss for wurdz.


Split, sleep, spell, spill, slip

Personal note: I have just started a 10-week part-time course for the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teacher to Adults) so blog posts might be few and far between during that time. 600 more words

Chicken Nugger

Perhaps the most heart rending and tragical soliloquy ever delivered.


Letter D and F

I sent two pages on the folder. The one with D and F, and this one which shows part of F and G. You will only practice D and F. Thanks!


A crushed spirit

A crushed spirit at Yahoo! Sports might have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t in a headline:


Tiiter, tiiter, this isn't Twitter

This isn’t Twitter on the Yahoo! front page: