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mind doth hinder
words bind in knots
thoughts block on paper
cast on me some story lots
rid your mind of those binding thoughts that block life’s rewarding written words… 360 more words

Magickal Arts

Spell, Aromatherapy and Candle Magic to Help with Fevers

Combat Fever {Folk Remedy} # 2

Ingredients: Almonds

To help combat fevers, a very old folk remedy is that of eating almonds. This can also be a preventative measure for fevers, if eaten on a regular basis. 260 more words


April 18th, 2015

Figured out how to spell a word. Success of the day!


Liver failure

She struts,

I swallow;

The wind blows,

Her hair dances wildly;

My heart joins in the dance

Waltzing and gliding along;

Her backside beckons,

I stand transfixed… 67 more words


A Rainbow Charm to Find an Unexpected 'Pot of Gold'

I gotta fess up:  I’m pretty darn sure I found the original version of this in one of those obnoxious “spells for every day of the year” type books.  235 more words

Personal Work

Witches in media

In today’s witch stories, the political narrative of persecution has largely given way to a personal narrative about an ordinary person — a boy named Harry, say, or a suburban housewife — endowed with extraordinary powers…”

24 more words


I am the storm… as the sky swirls by it contains dark clouds the gusting howling winds make me dizzy then I smell the energy that the storm gives out releasing life to the ground feeding the seeds seeing the magick that is taking place all around it leaves me with a lovely charm of storm water… 244 more words

Magickal Arts