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Votive candle markdowns ($3.50 each!) and price changes

February is ending, I’m preparing to make a fuckton of new candles this weekend (including the long-awaited tinned candles in addition to some actual votives–i.e., candles that will fit in a standard votive holder and some new tealights), and once again I’m running out of storage space! 286 more words


Dreams under Cotton Sheets

My soul is gripped in awe.
She twists and writhes
Beneath the sheet,
And dreams a little more.
I’m sure she dreams of me, you see, 149 more words


There's Only You

I fell in love with your beautiful soul…
I couldn’t help it…I lost all control.
I felt my heart connect deeply with yours…
I know your love is the one love that cures. 66 more words



out the window I do peer

for friday night will soon be here

a book♦a bell♦a candle♦a spell

what may happen I will never tell ♦

Magickal Arts



ever feel the evil eye is following you around or perhaps someone placed a curse upon your head

bring confidence and goodwill back into your life and your space of existence… 150 more words

Magickal Arts

Determination and Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY Could Spell Success

When you feel that you’ve earned enough resources and experience to go into business for yourself, an office cleaning company could be a good start. It doesn’t necessarily require skilled labor, but you do need considerable management and operational abilities as well as cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY. 69 more words