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A Spell To Increase Your Money


(Said while making 9 knots in green, 13-inch silk cord or ribbon and burning a green candle) I personally inscribe the candle with the word “Money” written in Theban – MONEY. 71 more words



I wear a skeleton key a proctective amulet on a silver chain close to my heart…a mystery…begging to be unlocked…but my heart will not be easy to crack! 401 more words

Magickal Arts

[resources] Oh god, it's full of spells!

A while ago someone on G+ asked for some alternative spellbooks, as in “I need a bunch of new spells”.

Thing is, I love spell and the arcane in RPGs, and I bought a bunch of related books. 191 more words

Magic User

Curse Removal Powder...

Have you been cursed?

Not your fault?

Witches for us provide this for you:

“Curse Removal Powder

1. Grind and powder sandalwood, red sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, pine needles. 38 more words


There are many ways to skin a cat in using Ars Magica's magic system

Ars Magica has one of the most flexible magic systems around, combined with a very lengthy and detailed set of guidelines for how that magic system can be used. 1,594 more words


291. Dreamcatcher

Intertwine the clouds tonight,

And form a magic spell;

To fish the dreams from the air,

Floating down from where they dwell.

The stars are the dream makers, 105 more words


Morning Cup Of Nina

She’s been on repeat at my house for about the last two months. Love her strength, her vulnerability, her rawness in an industry (and world) where polished and pretty is the expectation for female artists. 15 more words