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Poster Gallery

Here you can¬†view the posters being presented at this year’s RIHSC Conference, and vote on which ones you think are the best. ¬†Click on the links below to view the posters, then say which ones you like best in the comments at the bottom of this page. 96 more words

"So what language do you learn?"

This was a very common question amongst my peers and friends when I was applying/starting university. They thought I was going to learn a language and teach it to people. 134 more words

Targets and other Torments

I’ve written on the blog many times before about the sense of weight and guilt that comes with Boo’s enormous long list of therapy goals. We have targets for physio, SALT, and OT not to mention our own private goals for Boo. 947 more words

Review of Linguistics and Phonetics books

The first book that I have am going to review is “English Words and Sentences: An Introduction” by Eva Duran Eppler and Gabriel Ozon. I purchased this book from Amazon last year at the start of my course as I knew that I would be studying Linguistics throughout the four years of my degree. 479 more words

Talking Mats

Through the wonders of Twitter and social networks I recently came across an account called “Talking Mats”. I followed them and they sent me a direct message directing me to their blog. 246 more words

Anatomy Revision Sources Review

So my second post is going to be a review on resources I used online to help me with one out of two of my recent summer exams. 788 more words

Speech And Language Therapy

When we ask a question....that's not really a question!

This is a pretty short top tip post, buts it’s pretty invaluable if you sometimes want to make your life a little bit easier when you have a child. 336 more words

Communication Development