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San Diego Comic-Con Panels Worth Checking Out.

Disclaimer: I am not promising that these panels will bring news on any future projects or that they will show new footage of what these Film, TV and Video Game companies are currently working on, this is all just speculation. 150 more words

Video Games

Fallout: New Vegas Revisited

With the internet abuzz with the new of a new Fallout game, I decided to boot up my personal favorite from the series, Fallout: New Vegas. 1,043 more words

5 Reasons Oil Prices Are Falling (and Will Keep Doing So)

Oil prices have been falling fast, and are going to stay low. You probably have been wondering “What has caused Oil prices to fall?” Well, the answer can be explained in 5 different ways. 458 more words


The Leica Q second hand market is picking up slowly

Unlike other hyped products, the Leica Q has so far not inspired a lot of abuse of the current delivery situation. 184 more words


Season 6 Casting Call

There are some hints in the casting call for next season as to where the show is heading. Although this won’t give away any spoilers related to Jon Snow’s death and suspected resurrection, it does include ‘new’ characters from the book and also some potential spoilers for even book readers… you have been warned. 1,163 more words


"Hardhome": The Greatest "Game of Thrones" Episode of All Time


Before I get to the events at Hardhome — which take up the latter half of this hour-long installment — I’d like to address the rather superb, dialogue-heavy first half.  2,916 more words