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It is human nature to pass judgment when we read or watch news about a crime. This is exactly why we love to read gossips and enjoy speculations. 243 more words

Daily Devotion

The Mill Race Monster; Deadly Rain; Devil Dogs...

On Monsters and Mysteries in America, we were recently presented with the Mill Race Monster, a gargantuan green beast reportedly observed in Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana.   516 more words


Dog Days" Finally back to something interesting Episode 8

So, firstly, I’ve been sick, among other things, and that’s why I’ve been outta the game of posting for so long (well that, and I took a couple weeks away from internetish stuff which ended right before I got sick xD). 1,140 more words


A Spirited Choice

It seems again the spirits dance
I can’t escape their ghostly trance

Should I join their bacchanale
And see what has them in a thrall? 69 more words


Game of Thrones Season 5 Poster Revealed

The newest season of Game of Thrones looms ever so closely, and fans of the show that has become a global phenomenon can barely wait for the adventures (and tragedies) to resume. 205 more words


speculation warmth

heard it said

and those of the inner

and how it ran

and those of the settlement

and how it was the words

and those of the package… 46 more words


Grendel squirms in Beowulf's grip, words double up (ll.755-766)

Beowulf through Grendel’s Experience
Doubling Words

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Grendel feels the same sort of terror he’s inflicted on the Danes every night for the past twelve years as Beowulf strengthens his grip and hold on the monster’s arm. 1,516 more words