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First Listen Review: Spectres: "Dying"

What I Like: This band sounds like a more refined Japandroids in some ways. There are elements of punk, thrash, ambient, noise rock, and maybe a little metal. 124 more words


Homebound Acquiescence

She always considered herself lucky. She has a loving family with unusually little amount of shit among them, a “best friend” whom she adored with childhood innocence and devotion, and a medium-sized pool of various friends she could share activities, but not lasting memories. 450 more words


soundCHECK 286 - February 12th 2015

I love this time of year. And by love, I mean hate. That’s almost exclusively because of ill people. Specifically, the kind of ill people who find it impossible to differentiate between the common cold and influenza. 535 more words

Spooky Times

By: LiT

  Over the centuries, there have been many sightings of ghosts in many haunted places. People claim that they have seen ghostly figures floating around.   497 more words

6th Grade