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Startrek over the top part 2

Office of the asistent deen
Lt. Julie carlson
“I have some concerns about cadat marstone ! ” serata said.”we all do. He is a good student but we know he has to work at it!”lt. 385 more words

Star Trek

SCOD Site Tree Journal

Existing: Maple, Box-elder, Sycamore, Oak, Elm, Ailanthus, Sumac

Recommended: Ginkgo, Willow, Apple, Walnut, Catalpa, Beech, Holly, Pine


Maple: Acer; Common (Norway), Silver, Sugar, Red; leaves deciduous broad palmate 3-5 lobes toothed; bark smooth-furrows; flowers tiny hermaphro, hetero, or bisexual; fruit paired wings (samaras); used for hard wood, sap (Sugar has most 32 gallons = 1 gallon of syrup = 4.5 pounds grain sugar). 598 more words


What roves around in a moles nest might make you JUMP for joy

Last week it was reed mace peeling, this week its mole nest sifting. Two roves and an invert that is Britain’s largest of its kind popped out.  702 more words


How lifeforms know to be the right size

CINCINNATI – Shakespeare said “to be or not to be” is the question, and now scientists are asking how life forms grow to be the correct size with proportional body parts. 816 more words


Species of the Month: Mississippi Slimy Salamander

I was out at the Noxubee Wildlife refuge with my dogs, and there were slimy salamanders (the species, not the characteristic) under almost every other log I looked under. 501 more words


Does Your Goverment Build UFOs?


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It is possible that all the UFO'S and speak of aliens is the government testing technology, or it could be the government reversengineering new found alien technology. But, then again some say our technology isn't as advanced as the UFO'S some see flying around. Who knows could be aliens having an interest in us and the earth.