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Kris May

I’ve actually been playing around with this OC design for a really long time now.. She was initially conceived as a character design for a video game I’ve been working on but his design got a lot of negative feedback and was scraped. 27 more words

Entire Everything

Botanic notes and rare plants from the 1920s

These are some of the 1928 plant observations made by the members of the Swansea Scientific and Field Naturalists’ Society.

John V Esmond identified Bupleurum rotundiflorum… 339 more words

Ecological Survey

The Polar Bear Speaks

(translated into English from the original source)

You humans really are something special, aren’t you?

Not content with over-populating this earth, you’re also determined to depopulate every other non-human creature on it. 331 more words

The Last Northern White Rhino In The World!

The rhino – a 50 million year old species that truly embodies the image of strength, stability and resilience. Sadly, due to extensive poaching, only one Northern white rhino remains. 286 more words


About Owls: #FunFactFriday No. 8

No. 8

Owls have special flight feathers to minimize noise when flapping.


Site Updates

Made a few updates around the site.

-In the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos section, I updated some pages to reflect the end of Slubes, since that is now readable. 142 more words

Status Update

New Ancient “Mystery Human” Species Discovered

Evolution is something scientists have observed at several different levels in nature, and when it comes to human ancestry, they’ve been able to collect bits and pieces of the giant puzzle that human evolution is. 487 more words