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OPEN for normal hours

OPEN for normal hours today!

On the left, we have the purists with hamachi toro and tako sashimi. On the right, the KISS OF DEATH. Choose your level of spice on this specialty roll to even out the frigid temperatures.


Happy moments defined by food

Sometimes, the happiest moments in life are defined by food. Most of the time, those moments look like this.


Sushi Oyama

Before going to Metrotown to do some shopping, we went to Sushi Oyama to fuel up. Just two or three blocks away on Kingsway, Sushi Oyama is in a house-like building that gives the restaurant a memorable feel. 302 more words

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Shoyou Sushi (1504 Light Street)

I use quite a few different resources when looking into my next restaurant to review. The Internet, Food Network, social media and The Sun are my go-to’s. 414 more words

Maryland Eats


Sushi. Jawn. Make sure to post your own food art by tagging @bluefin2sushi #sushi #sashimi #toro #sushirolls #plymouthmeeting #tuna #yellowtail #foodart #noms #eelsauce #spicymayo #maki #scallops


King Kong and Lobster Tempura

Lobster tempura roll, with a coconut aioli and wrapped in pink soy paper. To the left and right is the all mighty King Kong roll, which packs in a variety of fish, avocado, etc. 40 more words

Sushi Mania

Sushi Mania is a newer sushi joint on Main and 21st Ave. The place is pretty small and it felt a bit sparsely furnished but still comfortable. 239 more words

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