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Selling my First Digital Art on DeviantArt ! Wish me luck !

! Hello Friends !

After practicing Photoshop’s tools from beginner level and then mastering great tools, I’ve finally managed to complete my first artwork, which is of-course in remembrance of my Favorite childhood Anime, the one n only, … 34 more words



We use words every day; to talk, to listen, to write, to think. Without words we can’t communicate properly. And if we use them incorrectly we risk misunderstanding others, or being misunderstood… 841 more words

Breaking Bread

I walked into the bakery.  It was the bakery people were raving about on the Internet.  Already, you could tell it was popular as the staff never had a moment of respite.   256 more words

Wonderful Meals

Day 4: It's Raining! It's Raining!

And i forgot to take along my camera. How sad that was…

Anyway, have a look. I had difficulty choosing among the two.



My go to word is remarkable, as readers would likely have guessed. “Remarkable people live remarkable lives by using their strengths to strengthen others” is the essence of the make it your problem philosophy and practice. 78 more words

More About Puppy!

My dog, Puppy, is a huge part of my life. He has changed me as a person for the better in the three years that I’ve known him. 374 more words