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Border Post 1: Mandera


On a hot lazy afternoon, a tale is told at the Mandera Police Post of a certain senior officer newly uprooted from the comforts of the capital city and deployed to the station. 711 more words

Special Projects

1,135 kilometres: An odyssey to the farthest end.

By the time you get to Mandera by road, via Garissa and Wajir, a number of things will have happened to you. One, your mind will have learnt to numb the pain at the small of your back. 1,251 more words

Special Projects

A future in crisis

Story originally appeared in the Standard on Sunday on Feb 22nd

To an old woman who is sitting down under the shade of a stunted acacia tree, wrestling might seem to be the simplest of things. 2,191 more words

Special Projects

The Cradle Fund: Getting Thousands Safely Through a Middle East Winter

Only once have I ever had to worry about getting through the winter. I was dead broke, out of work, and had no place to live. 1,225 more words


Let me love you

Let me love you
NYC ’15

Una historia de amor de primavera y una frase escondida en un jardín (Let me love you).

Pintando he descubierto que entre más adentro a lo que soy y me alejo del querer complacer, todo se hace hermosamente más complicado, pero a la vez, más verdadero. 65 more words


Caregivers/Carers ands Mental Health Support Groups

In  a previous post, Who pays the unpaid Carer or caregiver…who cares…anyone, I promised to generate a list of Carer/ Caregiver Support Groups that are readily accessible to all… 336 more words

Dealing With The Blues

Potato Chips and Carnations Coming to Special Projects at the Armory Show

Everything seems calm now, but believe you me, come a week and a half from now, everyone will be competing to appear busier than everyone else because it’s an art fair week in New York City. 1,280 more words