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Today, I had to remind myself... again

Today, I had to remind myself… again

That every person is as different as an individual flake of snow.

That no two social situations or family dynamics are the same. 265 more words


A little Friday trauma never hurt anybody

Life is funny. You make plans for the day, week, month and you just expect that things will go your way. Then sometimes something happens that completely derails you. 298 more words


All I Ever Wanted

And so maybe it wasn’t the best idea to announce my triumphant return to blogging the day before a ten day vacation from the day job. 173 more words

Special Needs

ABLE 529 Update

Hi all!  I have an update on Ohio’s implementation of their ABLE 529 account.  I get updates every so often from State Representative (and former curler) Tim Brown.   64 more words


Rubs me the wrong way (rhymes with Independence Day)

I occasionally get a deep tissue massage, not often…. maybe 4 times a year. These things are not that pleasurable. I have bad shoulders and my upper back is a wreck and I usually have some sort of ache or pain that I am cognizant of up there. 367 more words

How do you teach child with Prader Willi Syndrome?

When my son was diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS),  Savio and I did a ton of research combing the internet, reading as much as we could on the subject, because this was a syndrome that we had never heard of before our son was born! 589 more words



Monday 29th June

Your brother’s car had conked out. Well, it really belongs to his girlfriend. But anyway, the brakes have failed, the oil filter needs changing, the two front tyres need replacing, and the steering needs checking. 254 more words