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From an early age my son has always wanted to do everything himself and be independent.  One thing that annoyed him was that he battled to do up his buttons on his jeans and school trousers and didn’t like the idea of asking for help, especially at school.   42 more words

Downs Syndrome

Where are the rights of children with disabilities? By Latifa Daud

Latifa Daud is currently a student at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa/ New Zealand, who has been permanently wheelchair-bound for the past 6 years.

She has no formal credentials as yet, except for seeing the world from a unique stand-(or should I say ‘sit’)-point on a daily basis, which she writes about in her blog, “The Daily Blog”. 76 more words

Child Advocacy


At one point today I lost the ability to speak. At least in recognisable English. I was trying to talk on the phone at the time to a potential babysitter (hurrah!). 64 more words

Special Needs

I Forget

And sometimes I forget. I forget that he has autism. It doesn’t matter. It is absent. It can not be seen or heard. It is when he fits right in. 201 more words


Day #222 - Worrisome Milestones

Before I really get into today’s post – let me tell you that I KNOW it’s ridiculous.  Trust me…

I have to believe that many of us struggle with ‘what I know to be true,’ ‘what I worry to be true,’ and the ‘truth of the unknown.’ 666 more words

Trust your instinct 

How did Aysha spend 16 years of her life undiagnosed?

Aysha sat up late, walked late, learned to read late and still finds many motor skills challenging. 673 more words


a wonderland

Yesterday I mentioned that it was good that we had two days of filling up the love tanks because today was going to be a new experience.   565 more words

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