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Where’s Raymond? Episode 7  

One early Sunday morning, my dad was going golfing and my mom was headed off to church with me. My mom tried to convince Raymond to either go golfing with my dad, or come to church with us because she hates to leave him home. 265 more words


Delayed Gratification and Rewards in Autism

Rewards and Motivators are how we roll in autism land.  If you want Bucky to do his math work, you gotta give him something in return.   344 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Lorna Bradley...Hope for Healthy Relationships

Lorna Bradley partnered with us around the development of a prototype for a real time, interactive small group model for families impacted by disability using advanced videoconferencing technology. 871 more words

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Jonathan loves to make this noise with his finger and lips that drives us all batty.  I gently reminded him to try not to do it as it can really get him jacked up and wild! 189 more words


Book Release!

In many ways, writing a book is much like having a baby.  It involves a very long process of development and much excitement and anticipation toward the end until, finally, the day arrives.  513 more words

Special Needs Parenting

High Five Poopy! or, why we celebrate everything

This morning, an article was brought to me via The Mighty (which if you’re not following, follow them!) The author of the story, Liz from… 1,022 more words

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Mari Nosal M.Ed & Linda Mastroianni of Speaking Autism: -Sharing your child's information on line, how much is too much?

Mari Nosal M.Ed & Linda Mastroianni of Speaking Autism: Sharing  Your Child’s Information Online – How much is too much?

Mari Nosal M.Ed : I have had the honor of interacting with Linda Mastroianni of Canada for quite a long time. 2,992 more words

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