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The week time stood still

This week has been a battle of an entirely different sort. I am used to battling the system, fighting to get my children the services they need, coping with the demands of autism, living with the uncertainty of neurofibromatosis, sleepless nights and fussy eating; those are just the norm here. 463 more words

IEPs and Trust

It’s IEP season again, and we have our appointment set.  We’ve also had a curious email from The Boy’s program teacher.  She was excited to tell me that they were going to offer science and social studies in a special ed classroom next year, as well as math and language arts, which The Boy already has.  392 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Williams Syndrome Wednesday: The Talk

On this journey I’ve learned a few things. Ok, maybe a great number of things. But one of the most important things I’ve learned is that there are LOTS of pretty good days (even great days)…being a special needs parent isn’t all doom and gloom. 387 more words



Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. We’ve been a couple for seventeen years. Almost a third of my life…Before Dan the longest relationship(s) I had been in lasted no more than two years, and ours is in many way the most challenged. 493 more words

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Summer Plans Now That There May Be No Camp

The Boy’s summer camp that he has attended for the past couple of summers has lost its home, and I am fairly certain he won’t qualify for ESY this year, magically, even though he has qualified since the age of 5.  478 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Hope and Acceptance


Recently I published the first in what I paln to be a series of books providing suport to special needs parents.  Today I am sharing an excerpt from the final chapter. 888 more words

Special Needs Parenting

I'm still just a mom

I blog about our life with special needs.  But it doesn’t make me an expert.  You may know a woman who’s daughter has Down Syndrome, or a dad who’s son has autism, but that doesn’t mean they understand what life is like with a child who is tube-fed, or who uses a wheel chair.  819 more words

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