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High Five Poopy! or, why we celebrate everything

This morning, an article was brought to me via The Mighty (which if you’re not following, follow them!) The author of the story, Liz from… 1,022 more words

Special Needs

Becoming an individual -Watching my ASD kid bloom and grow

If there is anything I would fight to the death for it is my right to be my own person.

I am thankful to have parents that have stood back and allowed me to walk my own path, even if they stood brimming with trepidation and worry through much of my teenage years. 645 more words

Child Autism

A Typical Morning (A Parent's Plea)

I exist every day, every minute, every hour walking on eggshells, trying to avoid meltdowns, threats, episodes that leave my daughter screaming in uncontrollable, rageful fits and empty horrific stares.  1,504 more words


A love/hate ode to Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

This month, The Mighty is asking bloggers to write a letter to their child’s diagnosis. Here is our love/hate ode to Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome a la… 397 more words


You Shouldn't Wait for it to Offend You Before You Take a Stand

Today is the official day of awareness for the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign.

Per usual, I have been reading posts from various bloggers who I often read, and today… 733 more words


Love and Hisses

I was sitting quietly on the bed when the crying started. This wasn’t part of The Plan. The Plan had been agreed upon and rehearsed several times the night before: Mommy would wake Kiddo and kiss her good-bye before leaving for her appointment; Kiddo would go back to sleep; Nana would hang out in Kiddo’s room to keep her company and be close by if she needed anything. 726 more words

Trivial Musing

A motivational magazine that gets to inmates in prison, shelters, parents who have deceased children.

Sols Magazine supports Books to Prisoners across the United States. We empower writers to submit their poetry or motivational quotes for the world to be touched by their expressions. 240 more words

Death Of A Child