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I am Not Alone!!

This weekend I have had the pleasure of connecting with mothers who are also raising special needs children. For the first time, in a very long time, I don’t feel isolated. 493 more words

Thought Of The Day


Me: checking MJ’s bookbag I see what appears to be a paper typed by MJ! “ There’s no way he typed this?! I decide to send his teacher a text message asking her who typed the paper. 178 more words

Anxiety unleashed

I woke up with a weird headache today. It’s probably from something simple- dehydration, teeth grinding last night, slept wrong and the muscles in my neck are strained….who knows. 501 more words

Too many cooks in the kitchen, and other stories from my stovetop

Well, we made it through my birthday in one piece. I hate birthdays for the record. They’ve always been a hard time for me even since I was a kid, mostly because we were really poor then. 641 more words

Not So Great Mother's Day eve

I had a bad mother moment on one of those days that makes you feel the worst. The night before I’m supposed to be “celebrated” for being a mom my son was in near hysterics. 412 more words


Well, as I’ve mentioned every post in the last month or more….new job. Monday. Not looking forward to it.


I got panicky about all of the upcoming things for Avery and…started applying to part time gigs. 216 more words

To the Mom of the Child with Special Needs - Part 2

It was about 5 years ago. I sat in the school’s office with my son, filling out enrollment paperwork. Though I hurried through the process, I wasn’t fast enough to escape an impending meltdown. 587 more words