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Young Girl Hoping for NEADS Dog

On-line article from the Nashoba Publishing Community News.

By Anne O’Connor, aoconnor@nashobapub.com

PEPPERELL — A child and a dog is as all-American as a Norman Rockwell painting. 824 more words


Simple Prompts Can Lead to Complex Mathematical Thinking

This post is inspired by chapter 8 of Steve Leinwand’s book Accessible Mathematics.  If you haven’t read this book, do it!  Leinwand is a leading voice in the push for math instruction that makes sense to students and will lead to longer lasting mathematical understanding.   522 more words

House Education Committee votes "Ought to Pass" on HB 519, establishing a committee to study NHDOE policies affecting dyslexic students

The House Education Committee has voted 17-4 “Ought to Pass” on HB 519. The bill would establish a committee to study Department of Education policies affecting dyslexic students

Committee Vote

Read and Write for Google

Read and Write for Google is an app that assists students in both writing and reading.  It helps students improve their writing and reading skills when using a computer.   93 more words


Day #176 - 50 Pieces of Sibling Advice

If your family has just received an autism diagnosis – here are some very real pieces of advice from Estelle and Gavin, two ‘autism siblings.’ 938 more words

Sharing Amongst Friends (Proloquo2go)

Well, it is only day two of our EDC3100 course and I am beginning to see the potential benefits to all of this blogging and subsequent sharing of information. 128 more words

Karen Women’s Organization held a Special Education Project, Training of Trainers from January, 12, 2015 to Feb, 11, 2015.

The Karen Women’s  Organization  held a Special Education Project, Training of Trainers from January, 12, 2015 to Feb, 11, 2015. Teachers, school directors and trainers from 7 camps attended. 278 more words

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