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Donghae & Eunhyuk (동해 & 은혁): Still You (아직도 난)

*Donghae is purple, Eunhyuk is green*

오늘도 걷다 우연히 널 봤어 여전히 잘 지내 보인 네 모습
oneuldo geotda uyeonhi neol bwaseo yeojeonhi jal jinae boin ne moseup… 781 more words

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Donghae & Eunhyuk (동해 & 은혁): 1+1=Love

*Donghae is purple, Eunhyuk is green*

우리 잠깐 밖에서 만날래? 따로 할 얘기가 생겼어 난 너에게
uri jamkkan bakkeseo mannallae? ttaro hal yaegiga saenggyeoseo nan neoege… 639 more words

Korean Album

Setahun Pernikahan Kita “Terima Kasih Cinta”*

Setahun Pernikahan Kita “Terima Kasih Cinta”*

*Oleh Joko Setiawan, A Social Worker, 32nd Trainee of Asian Social Welfare Worker’s Training Program by Japan National Council of Social Welfare (JNCSW/Zenshakyou) 301 more words


Tackling Stuff: Project List

That’s right, Batman. Simplify. I’ve been waiting forever to use that graphic. Also, if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll credit you, because I saved it so long ago I forgot where I found it. 710 more words


The Most Beautiful Bargain

Guys. Guys. Oxfam is my new favourite place.

I was going to dinner last week, when I saw these in the window, for £35 and new I just had to have them. 193 more words


#27 Off Balance -Matthew Kelly + #28 Doubt -John Patrick Shanley

I have read these a few months ago and finally decided to keep this as up to date as my Goodreads page so I better make reviews of these seemingly un-reviewable genres of books. 392 more words

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Special Edition)

Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977) is possibly the “Spielbergiest” of all the titles in the exalted director’s filmography. It tells the story of several people who experience strange encounters and then set out on a quest to discover the truth about them. 757 more words