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A Perfect Partnership, spankings, and sushi ;)

I’m sharing an excerpt from Rayanna Jamison’s hot Corbin’s Bend novel, A Perfect Partnership. Did you know her main character, Laney, runs a sushi restaurant? Yum! 701 more words


The unexpected

Diane here again. Last week, Charles told you about the events of the day leading up to my recent birthday spanking. This episode is also inspired by the Wicked Wednesday prompt “unexpected”. 1,442 more words


Dominance and submission: Attn: DOMS AND SUBS: The Cuckoo Clock- #ASMSG #SPANKING #ROMANCE #FSOG

We all need a good giggle, and honestly, I laughed out loud when I read this.  It was sent to me by a friend in the UK, and it was told to her by a “Miss Scarlet”.   286 more words

Erotic Books

New theme, old stories

In a moment of self delusion, I decided that some of my newer followers might be interested in reading some of my older stories. I had hidden some of these for various reasons, and over time, I may make them available again. 64 more words


Don't Let Me Catch You!

Tommy got me in a lot of trouble.  Oh, not the usual boy and girl trouble you’re thinking of.  Three years older and much worldlier, he fed me jokes like a gambler shoveling quarters in a slot machine.  459 more words


Forget You is Available Now!

Don’t you get sick of that standard trope in romance novels, where the heroine has amnesia and the hero is convinced she’s faking it? That’s why I decided to switch it up for my newest novel, Forget You. 308 more words

Domestic Dicipline