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#GamerGate Abuse

On March 3rd, 2015, I decided that I wanted to take a stand against those who oppose feminism and real equal rights. I made this stance known utilizing the #gamergate tag, which is notorious for its abuse and staunch anti-equality ideals, which lean heavily into the Men’s Rights Activist movement. 251 more words


[429/441] S&S

I am NOT creating a new candy or any sort of combination in that sense, although it might be interesting to see what knock-off M&Ms would look like… or taste like. 714 more words


Is this the ultimate spam fail?

We’re not sure whether we’re supposed to laugh at cybercrime, because that would mean we’re deriving delight from crookery.

But sometimes you just have to smile at the antics of would-be cybercriminals. 463 more words


What is that stuff?

Every now and then my husband and I (ooh hark at me sounding like the Queen) take ourselves off for a ‘date lunch’.  We like food, and it is good to spend a bit of quality time together now and then, so we find ourselves somewhere nice to go and pig out (it may be a date lunch, but we don’t stand on ceremony… well, we’ve been together for over thirty years now so we should just about be used to each other’s sloppy eating habits).   652 more words


Online Threat: Replying to Spam Email

You could have the best spam email filtering in the world and occasionally, some junk mail goes through. Under the CAN-SPAM Act, businesses are required to provide an unsubscribe link on ALL commercial email. 622 more words

Computing Security

Detecting spamming with compromised passwords

Spamming with compromised email accounts became very popular.
At the beginning it was easy to detect such event, because spammers using stolen SMTP passwords usually flooded the server with spam. 267 more words