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Spring cleaning. I made a list of spam emails from companies. I’m putting this here in order to check after some time if they removed me from the list. 66 more words


Hellen's Spam Adventures (short story)

Hellen’s Spam Adventures

Finding humor in a day filled with Internet misadventures can be daunting.  Hellen looked once again at the screen and tried to make sense out of the strange verbiage from a… 358 more words

Steven S. Walsky

Stupid Spam Comments - Why You Shouldn't Just Give Your Email Address Away!

People, of ALL generations, usually sign up to something that is either a scam or just plainly… Not real!

I, luckily, have never done this with my personal email address. 352 more words

What The Hell Moments?

Dear Spam


Good day. This is to inform you that your sentences make no Sense in this office Files records over here. I’ve also checked in the office Files records Over There as well, but they still made no sense, Here, There, or Anywhere. 467 more words

Blathering About Nothing

My idea to end all SPAM texts and phone calls.

The FCC is considering new ways to cut robocalls and SPAM texts.

My idea is to go back to the old concept of collect calling. You could get a 900 number for your phone. 185 more words


Happy Typey Fingers

Dear Readers,

It looks like my fingers are ready to spam.

Spam your reader off!

Scroll, there’s me!

Scroll a bit more, here I am again. 54 more words


Cheese, Spam, Poetry

I’ve only ever committed a few acts of poetry. Mostly they’ve been things written part-jokingly. This way I could run them in the unread left-wing student newspaper back at college in the “Ebb and Flow” literary section but could fall back in a bit of cowardice and claim I meant it for the Humor section (“about herring…”) instead. 273 more words