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Ship Shape SPAM

Who needs to catch fish when you can just open the can?


Social Media - Not Just for Humans Any More

As if you needed even one more reason to be wary of social media, today’s topic is about social media bots. Bots are algorithms that operate in social media networks. 962 more words

The Industry

Creative Commons: Managing Copyright, Comments and Spam

Copyright is a legal right that allows the creator of a work exclusive rights to publish and distribute their original content. It is imperative that we are careful not to breach copyright and to acknowledge the creators of a work if we wish to republish another creators original content. 388 more words


Accidental, almost spammer

As I drink my cup of morning coffee, I’ve just realized that I’m a spammer of sorts. How embarrassing.

I was so excited with my first ever-published book, so thrilled to share the news with the world that I went into overdrive. 212 more words


creative commons licensing and why I chose it

I have selected an ‘attribution share alike’ creative commons license which allows users to use my work for commercial purposes so long as they credit me and license their new creations under the same terms as mine. 294 more words


How to stop spam referrals and filter them from Google Analytics (Using htaccess)

Many of us have seen spikes in traffic report from Google Analytics. These spikes bring joy to our minds and when we drill down the traffic we get disappointed because it is from a spam referral. 350 more words