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From the Lake to the Trees

Some lovely branches against the sky from the Pyrenees caught my eye. Their curling intricacies fascinated me, especially when the sun shone through – and so I photographed it. 49 more words


Postcard from Madrid, Spain: No Cibeles selfies posted here

The star spot for selfie-snappers visiting Madrid, Plaza de Cibeles, was a block from our apartment. So many people pause for photos on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the plaza from Palacio de Cibeles that there is always someone nearby hawking extender sticks to improve the composition of selfies. 220 more words



And he told her…

In meyte we have a saying that is;

” vö vämm emveū dœp pväkō ar pnö ūpetu emmiü ap.”

It means something like “we will always meet twice if the stars allow it”.

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Dear America: Some advice from a country where gay marriage has been legal for a decade

In the summer of 2005, the socialist Spanish government legalized gay marriage in Spain. My overwhelmingly Catholic country, with a legacy of a 40-year-old fascist dictatorship that even banned divorce, surprisingly became the third European Union member to authorize same-sex unions. 889 more words

Barcelona | La Boqueria Market

Visiting Barcelona, you surely have heard about La Boqueria Market. This is the most famous market in the city where you can tried as many food of the Spanish Cuisine. 255 more words

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Three days in Catalonia.

We landed in Barcelona on a friday afternoon, and went straight to a small village called Valls. This trip was all about leaving the capital aside and getting to know better the country side, where my father’s family is from. 391 more words


Photo Friday: The Jagged Mountain of Montserrat

50 kilometres west of Barcelona lies the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, nestled high up on the Montserrat mountain.

The mountain cuts into the skyline like a handsaw.   46 more words

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