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Blue Eyes Linked To Higher Risk Of Alcohol Dependence In New Study

Could a potential sign of alcohol dependence be lurking in your reflection? People with light-colored eyes — which researchers defined as blue, green, gray, or with brown in the center — may have a greater chance of becoming dependent on alcohol, a new study from the University of Vermont suggests. 42 more words

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Remains of sea creature washed up in Far East

With fur on its tail and twice the size of a human being, no one yet knows what the animal is.

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Going Nuclear: The Fusion Race Is Heating Up. Will Anyone Cross the Finish Line? (Video)

A growing number of private players believe they can commercialize fusion energy within a decade, promising a carbon-free energy source with near-limitless fuel, potentially in time to ease the mounting risks of climate change. 56 more words

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Your brain is like a wad of paper

Whether they're from humans, whales, or elephants, the brains of many mammals are covered with elaborate folds. Now, a new study shows that the degree of this folding follows a simple mathematical relationship—called a scaling law—that also explains the crumpling of paper. 18 more words

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Dear Vanessa ~ Organized Chaos

Do you feel organized?   How is that calendar doing, have you color coded the events, sports, music lessons?    Do you sometimes feel that you can’t find space?  382 more words