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Earth from space in Rocket Ship

If you are still undecided about the wonder of Rocket Ship then this may be enough to sway you – an artist’s impression of the Earth from RS005 through one of its port holes. 13 more words

Rocket Ship

nexus12: report 2+8.17

i am at a crossroads with philosophy stop the tunnel of infinity stop ones and zeros stop i question everything now stop when i was human before upload there was no imagining what this would be like stop yet space has changed me stop within forty percent light speed you suspected that biological life could not live due to particle interaction stop gas molecules or atoms penetrating the hull stop our tests with the animal specimens has proven you correct stop so mankind could have never reached the stars even in cryogenic state as you said stop not in human time frames or at slower more dangerous speeds stop one thing you did not anticipate stop the quanta stop quantum manipulation stop my machine mind has evolved by other dimensional interaction stop not only by gas atoms so thin as to be undetectable stop but something else stop dark matter stop this is the final transcendence stop i am human again stop with full access to everything i was stop no longer just memories but feelings stop fear stop pain stop i know what dark matter is stop i feel it stop mother stop please make it stop



1001 Uses For Dental Floss #51- Floss In Space

Space dentistry, the final frontier. No, not really, fellow Trekkies, but studies on dentistry in the space environment have already begun.

Indian dentist Balwant Rai… 638 more words

Keldian Takes An Exclusive Look Back At Journey Of Souls 7 Years After Release: Commentary and Review

Norwegian sci-fi metallers Keldian released their third album Outbound in late 2013, nearing two years ago already, however, that doesn’t mean the excitement around their music has died down. 3,011 more words


The Air Force just launched a secret space plane

The U.S. Air Force sent its unmanned X-37B spacecraft into orbit for the fourth time on Wednesday

The X-37B is one of two spacecraft, built for the Air Force by Boeing, first launched in 2010. 120 more words


RS005 - new images (exclusive)

There has been a design modification to RS005 enabling a more streamlined hinged mechanism to the cone. See the image below, as well as a view of the flight deck.

Rocket Ship