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Proof positive

My first “proper” meeting today to discuss my dream and how to manifest it. Exciting, slightly nerve-wracking feelings dominated my early morning.

Why was I nervous? 332 more words

Spiritual Work

One of Elon Musk’s favorite video games, Kerbal Space Program, is finally ready to launch

Kerbal Space Program, an intricately detailed computer simulator game that lets you build rockets and manage your own space program, is preparing for lift-off. After several years of development in “early access mode”—during which it became  181 more words

I think too much and take too many photos

I probably share about 5% of the photos I take, sometimes just to remember a thought or idea I had at the time.

The last image I captured was about thirty seconds before typing this, around thirty seconds after looking up and pondering to myself. 175 more words


Thor 7 and Sircal 2 satellites launched by Ariane V

Another successful mission for Ariane V, out of Kourou, French Guiana!  The footage is unusually good for that humid, equatorial launch site; you can even see the big strap-on boosters falling away. 24 more words


Darkness Falls

Some of you may have seen that Mauna Kea is in the news lately because of an ongoing attempt by protesters to stop the construction of the Thirty-Meter-Telescope. 326 more words


The Circus

This wasn’t the first time, I’d been here before. This time was different though. I was nervous. The motive was different. Pulling into the parking lot the sun was just dipping below the horizon. 1,370 more words

Power & The Production Of Space