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New Horizons' way is clear!

Or so it seems, anyway, from the first pass search for hazards.  Using images acquired a couple of weeks ago, the team has completed searching for large hazards.   142 more words


NASA Selects 9 Crucial Science Instruments for Mission to Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa

Jupiter’s moon Europa has excited the space community with its bizarre icy surface and thick frozen crust. NASA’s Galileo mission in the late 1990’s provided strong evidence that a large ocean exists under its surface. 702 more words


Space Geeking Out: Getting Jazzed for New Horizons & Pluto

This morning’s spacey geeky goodness: New Horizons​!

Did you know the first ever mission to Pluto will arrive there THIS SUMMER?! Nasa’s New Horizons mission is going to send back pictures and data like we’ve never had before on the fascinating little icy dwarf planet and its 5 moons. 190 more words


SpaceX has broken the monopoly on US national security launches

The US Air Force announced today that it certified SpaceX to launch national security payloads, from spy satellites to mystery drones, ending the monopoly held by the Boeing-Lockheed Martin joint venture, United Launch Alliance (ULA). 354 more words

Happy Birthday Sally Ride! First American Woman in #Space

The google doodle today celebrates the 64th birthday of American astronaut and physicist, Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.  From wikipedia: 136 more words


Closest look at Ceres' spots yet

There seem to be more than five spots now.  They’re clearly reflecting sunlight, and so are probably ice or something similarly reflective against the dark background of Ceres itself.   21 more words