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Power fruit smoothie! (Dairy-free)

I was never on the smoothie bandwagon, but circumstances brought this soymilk-based fruit smoothie to me and I am glad it is in my life. 459 more words

Soy Veggie Macaroni Gratin

Fusilli pasta……………..250g
Unprocessed soymilk..450-500cc
Large onion, thinly sliced..½
Broccoli, cut into florets..1
Shimeji mushrooms……..1 pack
Hakuriki Soft flower……..3tbsp
Olive oil………………..2tbsp
Garlic, minced……….1clove
Basil paste (Fresh basil leaves, minced garlic, crushed roasted walnuts, olive oil and salt)……3tbsp… 172 more words


Best Foods For Bone And Joint Health

Both vitamin D and calcium are crucial to bone and joint health. Unfortunately, the majority of U.S. residents consume too little of one or both substances. 319 more words


Motivation (..or lack thereof!) + An amazing smoothie recipe!

Beginning January 2015 (just like every year), I had planned to do better. I planned to always pick my outfits out the night before, to always wear makeup, to always curl my hair. 499 more words


April is Soyfoods Month: Start enjoying today!

Soyfoods are fascinating to explore and understand.  Many of us that grew up in the Midwest, did not have the experience of eating soyfoods. And most people wrinkle up their nose when you mentions soyfoods and think tofu. 836 more words


You can consider detox-juicing as a big trend today – am I going to follow the latter?…maybe I am! I although think it is very difficult to only drink juices/smoothies for more than a day – but I love to start my mornings with a nice and creamy smoothie! 199 more words


Friday Food Shot 74

In local Cambodian restaurants, especially the ones in the provinces, the cost of rice is included with the dishes. Technically, it is free. It is also common practice to serve a selection of canned and bottled sodas or juices along with your meals. 61 more words

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