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Everyday Healthy Alternatives!

Being healthy doesn’t mean losing out on the things you love. Sometimes, you just need to make a few subtle adjustments to your cupboards and shelves to continue eating and drinking the things you used to indulge in. 750 more words


Vegan Pancakes


 Vegan pancakes, Maple Syrup, Coconut milk and a vegan peppermint mocha with soy milk ;)

Here’s my recipe!

– 240 gr whole wheat flour

– 15 gr of sugar cane… 66 more words


Kracie Tounyuu Aisu (soy milk ice cream) Matcha - クラシエ 豆乳アイス ソイ・抹茶

So sorry for the hiatus! I haven’t had time to review for ages, as work has been hectic, but I finally had a moment to myself and chose to devote it to sampling another delicious dairy alternative: soy milk ice cream. 437 more words


Which milk is best?

soy, skim, rice, almond…since when are there so many milks and “do I have to finish mine before I can leave the dinner table?” ( 339 more words


Noodle Feast

Having never tried northern Chinese style cuisine, a trip to Noodle Feast was warranted, as per recommendation by Andrew Benson. The menu featured a wide variety of noodles, all made in house. 170 more words


Which milk is best for me?

Whole, skimmed, soy, rice, almond…there are so many different types of milk that we are being told to try to receive various health benefits. These beverages come with many different tastes that aren’t suited to everybody’s pallets, but there are so many health benefits these drinks that it is hard to avoid them. 510 more words