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Arusuvai Arasu Vatha Khuzhambu 

Vatha Khuzhambu is one the most favourite dish of my family. In fact, one can hardly find a tamil brahmin who would not like this dish. 396 more words

South Indian

Mirchi ka salan/ Curried large green chillies

Mirchi ka salan is the greasy gravy like dish served most often with Hyderabadi biryani. Yes, the same stuff which I normally ignore when I eat my biryani. 466 more words

Main Course

Upma kozzukkattai (steamed idli rice cakes)

Upma kozzukkattai is something I love and have always loved since I was a kid.. my memories of this dish takes me back to my pati (grandmother) those days when my mom had trainings at her bank or exams, pati used to make these beauties. 447 more words

My Kitchen

Mamidikai Pappu

Mango is called as mamidikaya in telugu and mango cooked with dal called as Mamidikai Pappu. It’s a very traditional recipe from Andhra Pradesh.

I saw this recipe in a tamil weekly magazine. 299 more words

South Indian

Kovakkai & Peerkangai chutney (Ivy gourd & Ridge gourd chutney)

This is one of those simple recipes, that can be made in advance and stored for a week in the refrigerator. It goes very well with rice and ghee or as a side dish for idli/dosas.  270 more words


Paruppu Urundai Morekhuzhambu 

Lentils are known as Paruppu in Tamil. Urundai means round/ ball. And yogurt is called as moru.

Paruppu Urundai Morekhuzhambu is a very traditional Tamil Brahmin delicacy. 548 more words

South Indian


“Maa Simply tooo good!” That’s my  elder daughter Sruti for anything (please note just ANYTHING) I make. She is a sweetheart,  who egged me on to write a blog and gives me all the net gyan.So, here I am ready to start my blog with her encouragement on a sweet note. 177 more words