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Dark Poetry

Dark poetry
telling what can not
be said otherwise.
Pretty words filled with lies
help us believe
what we want to hear.
All the while… 17 more words


Friend or Foe?

Police–friend or foe?
soldiers trained to kill
without knowing who
the enemy really is.

Big brother is watching
moving the pieces
of a game we do not… 13 more words


I Give

I give you my ice cream cone
puppy kisses
even my favorite pillow
yet you want more.
I give and give
until one day
there is no more… 29 more words


The Other Me

There is a rumble
inside of my head
a volcanic bubbling up
of discontent
critical, complaining
that seems to exist
in spite of my joy, 31 more words


Shower after reading?

If you are able to read and understand German and are interested in topics beyond the usual business and leadership news, than you might consider this magazine: … 173 more words

Brand Eins

Are Numbers Real?

Adding numbers
subtracting, too
divide them into
little pieces
give them names
even meanings
yet they remain abstract
an idea we have
which, in the end, 9 more words


Senior Moments

Bend, twist, turn
old body creaks in protest
yet with time begins
to move again
remembering summer nights
dancing under the stars
filled with
the passion of youth.