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Environmental Sounds Part 2

This project is from my Soundtracks & Music class at NWTC in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Sort of the same premise as the first Environmental Sound but this time the assignment was to create a scene utilizing heavily on the sound effects.

Environmental Sounds Part 1

This project is from my Soundtracks & Music class at NWTC in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The assignment was to create a script as well as dialogue to a scenario and then add sound effects to make the scene come alive.

Disasterpeace ~ It Follows

It doesn’t think.  It doesn’t feel.  It doesn’t give up.  It follows.  The trailer taglines are simple, reflecting an effectively streamlined concept.  The soundtrack is similarly methodical, continuing to follow even after one has turned the music off.   509 more words

Richard Allen

Top ten: Best Video game soundtracks

Music is a vital part of many media forms from advertisement to movies, and even beyond that to video games. Nobody likes when a game has a terrible soundtrack, and to help iterate that point Greg Burke has compiled a list of the Top 10 Videogame Soundtracks to ever lull our ears into new worlds.


Repost: The Mission

I’ll be back with new posts next week sometime.  Mom’s doing much better, although still not 100% yet.  I’m just taking a little extra mental vacation. 360 more words


The Japanese Will Be Getting Xenoblade Chronicles X And Bravely Second Soundtracks

Xenoblade X Original Soundtrack Release Date May 20, 2015 Format 5 CD http://t.co/U6j6FoVpWy (thx @PhilosoraptorDS ) pic.twitter.com/Nw67VTMsZF

— Phazon (@Phazon4G) March 26, 2015

Good news if you live in Japan as listings found on the VGMdb state that both…

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Interview With Marvel Universe LIVE! Composer Michael Picton

Canadian composer Michael Picton has spent the last 20 years doing what we loves most, making music. He has dabbled in almost every medium out there with television shows such as “ 2,428 more words

Flash Gordon