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Soundtrack Saturdays: The Perfect Crime by Faith No More

For today’s Soundtrack Saturday track, I decided to pick a song from one of my favorite bands who is also happening to release a new album in 2015 which is Faith No More. 186 more words


New Video Art - "Exile"

My second piece of video art to prominently feature a model is out- “Exile”.  NSFW w mild nudity.

Like my previous piece, “Unity”, it was mostly shot on my GoPro Hero 4 Black, with some footage from my Fuji X-T1, featured a single model (in this case Trish Davis) and had music composed by me after the rough assemblage.   54 more words


Neil Diamond ‎– The Jazz Singer (Original Songs From The Motion Picture)

Well keep this one short and sweet.  I’m not a fan of Neil Diamond but my mom loved this movie.  Neil does have a great voice but I just never like his style of music.   88 more words


Flying Cavemen - "Ocean Theme"

Here’s another new track that I wrote for Flying Cavemen. After the cavemen flies over the desert and forest he’ll eventually reach the ocean. This music will play when he’s flying over it. Enjoy!

Video Game Soundtracks

The Last Starfighter (Craig Safan)


Craig Safan, 2014, Intrada
22 tracks, 63:47

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, “The Last Starfighter” by Craig Safan has been re-released by Intrada. It claims to be the complete score and to have superior sound quality. 952 more words


I'll Work Anytime, Anywhere

You’ve got to love Bernard Herrmann. Yes, that was an overly simplistic statement. Consider what this, exceptionally short list of films would have been like without the brilliant Herrmann touch: … 51 more words


Phil Friday: Phil Phillips' Sea Of Simpsons Love

You might recognize this single if you’re a diehard Simpsons fan. I say diehard because even though I still watch the show every week, I miss stuff. 167 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl