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Has the world gone beeping mad?

Peace and quiet.  Simple enough, right?  Yet the “sounds of silence” seem to have become more of a scarce commodity in today’s world.  No wonder meditation has become so popular.  421 more words

Cheryl's Corner

Letters never sent 1# Sounds of Silence

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Dear Mr Simon and Mr Garfunkel,

Do you think it’s time for a sequel to Sounds of Silence… 323 more words


The Sounds of Silence

What if there were a word composed entirely of silent letters? I’ve never heard of such a word, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I didn’t know of the word “qi,” and I still don’t know what it means, but it gets Scrabble players really excited. 151 more words


September 16, 2014

One sure way to know that the weather is getting cooler: the nights are quieter. No crickets, no cicadas, no frogs. Nothing that goes chirp in the night (except smoke detectors in need of new batteries). 10 more words


The Sound Of Silence

I will be off tomorrow, to a place called McLeodGanj. McLeodGanj is named after a British gentleman of the same name. It is the sister town of Dharamshala, which is the Dalai Lama’s capital-in-exile. 135 more words


LTD Explore: Sounds of Silence


This week, we are taking a trip to a little island of peace and nature, this sim is dedicated to a farmland with farm homes, barns, animals roaming around and many areas to explore. 45 more words

Second Life

Sounds of Silence and The Lonely Shepherd

I love so much the song Sounds of Silence. It says so much of what is called life.
I wonder how many have cried to this song.

A love this song too.