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how do you know?

I guess it’s the moment’s you gaze at me

Beyond doubt; seeing

What holds me together?

Reaching beneath the surface

Like you can’t get enough… 303 more words


The Point in being lost!!!?

Sometimes, I am taken aback by the abruptness and deliberateness with which I can suddenly go from having a firm grasp on what and where my place is in this world, to feeling so utterly and completely lost that I wake up dizzy in the middle of the night, feeling in the dark for a lamp on the windowsill behind me only to realize that this is not home, and that this might never be home. 580 more words



Angelo Draetta & Alessandra Valenzano “SUNSET EP”

Spreading a little HSR love around the globe once again . . . . .Enjoy!


Bystander on 14th Street

The incandescent stride in her spirit

Covering the skies she walks under

Rapture in her eyes; giving herself up freely

Awakening bystanders

Enlivened by life and its wonder… 201 more words


Diamonds in the sky...

The truth, when it dawns, can be very eye opening. When the fish has no more scales and the hour glass is fully turned. When you look ahead with a bats day vision and at the past with that of a hybrid nocturnal creature at the break of dawn; the truth pains. 690 more words


Live Tonight!

Take two soulful, emerging young artists and join them together – What kind of magic would that create? “Gibson&Gray”, a spicy and soulful blend comprised of two women, a guitar and a consuming passion for music. 23 more words


It is a dark and captivating fruit. Sour when it should be sweet. Oddly fleshy inside. Sensuous. Like an object conjured in a dream I would be reluctant to discuss. 103 more words