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Radiating Possibility

Last summer, I wandered into a lovely shop. To be greeted by this small wall hanging*, which made my heart leap:

Y E S!

Ahhh, contemplating possibility.   481 more words


A 'MUST' for your Bucket List

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I am here to reveal something very big. I am going to share with you what the most important word that needs to be on YOUR, yes YOUR bucket list for life. 488 more words

Victorian Girl

She’s beautiful waltzing, in the ball room.

Her veil covering, her scars.

She’s a fighter, a lover.

She causes mischief for all the lads.
She feels so carefree and wild. 146 more words

Dark Poems

God and His Universe

Went to Mass today after an extremely long time of not going.

It’s kind of crazy how lazy you can get sometimes. It’s like you think: “Oh, I’m religious so not going to Mass every once in a while isn’t so bad” or “I’ll just go next week”. 680 more words

What will become of You?

Have you ever thought ahead and about what might become of you?

Chances are, that you have. Even the mightiest of those living in the NOW, can’t help to try to take a little peek into what might be their future. 638 more words

Little-Things-101: Wet noses.

No matter how many times one comes across a litter of pups, the reaction will remain the same.
Attachment towards them as they grow is inevitable. 187 more words