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VBS is over, Now What? 3 Things You Should Do

Its Vacation Bible School season for sure. Facebook is littered with VBS invites, pictures of decorations, and stressed out Kidmin Leaders. Vacation Bible School is one of those events that we can put a ton of time, energy, and resources into but the follow through can be daunting. 344 more words


Toward a New Mind.

“All sin is felt to be reasonable and justifiable, given the situation, and rarely experienced as malicious or God-dishonoring in its intention.” “The unkind word or the forgetful lapse of sensitivity appear to be either a minimal offense given what we may be capable of, or actually acceptable if one were to see the world from our vantage point.” Even the most severe expressions of sin-adultery, dishonesty, slander, or greed-seem less heinous when their context is brought into perspective. 188 more words

Caring Thoughts

What If: God Does not Resolve Problems

God Does Not Always Resolve Our Problems
The person sitting before me is distraught. He has been faithfully serving in a very difficult region of the world. 610 more words

Shepherding Well

The Trees vs. The Forest

We were on a mission. If we didn’t accomplish this mission, the world around us would surely fall apart. There would be crying and gnashing of teeth. 420 more words



“To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens!” (Psalm 123:1 NRSV)

When I am frustrated, confused, tired and feeling hopeless, I don’t lift up my eyes to the LORD. 301 more words

Adam Ormord

Transformation from the Inside Out

In this month’s blog, Dr. Rob Reimer shares his response to watching Christians criticize and celebrate Bruce Jenner’s change to Caitlyn Jenner.

I watched the different responses to Bruce Jenner’s transition. 673 more words

Rob Reimer

A Busy Life And A Slow Soul

I’m not really all that rational when I first wake up. Yesterday for example, I woke up worrying about a weed patch in the front corner of our yard.   965 more words