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The Day After and the First Day

Today, the first day back from Spring Break and the day after my paint balling escapade, was as productive as you could expect the first day back at school aka, not productive at all. 112 more words

Sore Muscles Slowing You Down? See a Vancouver RMT for Sports Massage

Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling that comes with playing sports. Sometimes, however, the rush it gives may keep athletes from recognizing injury, or even if they do, they keep playing so as not to pass up a chance for victory. 128 more words


Day 84 Experiences

My muscles are super sore from lifting so much weight. This better be worth it.

I opted to sleep longer and recover today, skipping my cardio day. 250 more words

Daily Updates


This was another long day. By the time I got home I didn’t want to do anything at all. Brittany was going to come over again to do PiYo but she was too sore from Monday. 124 more words

Doctor today....Physio Tomorrow...

Hmm, still no closer to anything being solved.

I feel like a whingeing hypochondriac.

Sore ankles, Achilles, hammies, knee and knee tendon.

I was helping a friend out at work for a few days going up and down stairs and it feels like shin splints!! 144 more words


Day 175: business as usual

Sunday was quiet. We had our house meeting in the morning, but there’s not much going on this week, so there wasn’t much to stress. I spent some time grading, and lesson planning for the week, but not much. 127 more words

Could be worse but it could be much better!! 

Many people complaint about such pety things every day. However I would like to have one day pain free. I haven’t had a day I’ve not been in pain for years. 93 more words