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Stylishly Active with ALALA!

We happen to come across this jacket while browsing at a department store. We were actually looking for a travel, short ,crop, non crease jacket and stumbled upon the best thing ever. 158 more words


A Baby Sophisticate

It’s still pretty darn cold here so I’ve been snuggling Jellybean in hand knits. His reaction is priceless…

Not sure what I did or said to provoke this face….but when I saw it I laughed till I cried. 65 more words


December Knitting

I really hate when I haven’t been able to find time to post on my blog. In a strange way I like that I hate it, because that shows just how much I care about my blog, and that I really feel like it is a responsibility of mine. 262 more words


My Little (Old) Man

Just a quick post to show off my favorite Jellybean. Here he is in a teeny tiny Baby Sophisticate! (Mind you this lasted 10 minutes until he got an unnamed bodily fluid on it but it’s acrylic so into the wash it went!) Doesn’t he make the cutest tiny little old man?


Style Personality: Sophisticate

Introduction to Style Personalities- Day 4: Sophisticate

Your Style Code is made up of 3 components: Body Shape, Color and Style Personality. Your Style Personality is a reflection of who you are as a person. 169 more words

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