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Beningborough Hall near York

This post is simply to archive some family pictures I took at Beningborough Hall on our recent holiday in York. They were all taken with a Sony Nex 6 camera and the following manual focus lenses: 138 more words


York Minster pictures

Whilst we were on holiday in York we paid a visit to York Minster where I took a large number of pictures. Although I’ve published some of the pictures of my daughter and some other pictures in and around the Minster,  I haven’t published all my favourite interior shots so I’ve gathered them all here in a single post. 127 more words


Pictures from the City of York

We recently went for a family holiday to the City of York in the north of England and enjoyed a brilliant week of fine weather and great picture taking opportunities. 89 more words


Favourite pictures - The river in York

This is a picture I took during our recent trip to York.

It’s another picture taken with my Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle lens fitted on my Sony Nex 6 camera and shows the River Ouse and my Daughter enjoying an ice cream whilst sitting on the bank. 15 more words


Favourite pictures - Lighting candles

This is a series of pictures I took in York Minster recently when my Daughter wanted to light a candle. They were taken with a 55mm Takumar f/1.8 lens fitted to a Camdiox focal reducer, making an effective aperture of about f/1.4 and used only the available light. 166 more words


Favourite pictures - York Minster gate

This is a picture taken outside York Minster of the gates leading into the gardens/grassed area which surround it.

This is another picture which I took using my Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5 super wide angle lens. 125 more words