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Enfant d’aigle et de vestale

Composition de Cochonfucius

Au temple sont quarante fleurs écloses,
Plus beau décor ne se peut concevoir ;
Un bel aiglon, tout ravi de les voir, 88 more words



What winding trails it took to bring me here!
And yet this is the Where I sought to be
When decades past I fantasized about… 90 more words

Precious Morn - Sonnet 36

Beyond the Glimmer of Precious Morn,

Where Light lifts our heads from Gentle Sleep,

Whispers Caress and Lovingly Adorn,

All we Hide and Secretly Keep. 78 more words


A Falling Mind

People shouldn’t be allowed to grow up in the suburbs.
Gorge, field, volcano, Ocean. Palmetto, rice, rock.
They took us to the place. Or we went to the place. 131 more words


Water - Part V - Strife

Beneath the surface there is hidden strife.
In a game that is millenia old
a fish cuts through the water like a knife
in pursuit of fleeing prey. 106 more words


#Love is Wild

Once Saint Love touches you on the shoulder,
No turning back from the profound journey.
From heaven to earth, love is your molder.
Love remains, though threatened by its holder. 82 more words


Elliptical Stance

An elliptical stance; a solstice night;
remnants of Autumn; blanket of leaves;
haiku syllables; captured sound and sight;
severe frost; white footsteps; icicled eaves.
Snippets, half-formed, in the absence of heat; 196 more words