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Time's 3rd Act

Future is time’s third act, time still to

Come. Only since time is of indefinite

Duration, we gape ahead, hold hands to

Eyes, to magnify or blind. 135 more words


Poetry 201 Day Ten: Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus - Tell Me

Tell Me

Three pennies to throw for I Ching

Tell me oh wise one what truth will you bring

Tell me the future is in my command… 149 more words

William Shakespeare -- Sonnet 130: Wishing for Kryptonian Love

Ah, Shakespeare. Fun fact, he’s my go-to punchline. Well, only because he’s representative of English and language. My favorite sonnet is 130. It renounces the ideology of perfect beauty, untouchable and the sin of tarnishing the “perfect maiden.” Sonnet 130 describes his mistress’ attributes in derogatory tones, claiming what she has is imperfect and human; attributes that humans can relate to without judgement, as they are of nature, not the heavens, specifically Krypton. 1,080 more words


Tagalong (a sonnet)

Oh, dear, sweet Tagalong!
These Girl Scouts have ruined me.
This love for food can be so wrong.
We’ll hide in the pantry, no one can see. 84 more words

Sundress Ambitions (5/31/2014)

Summer whispers your grooves through a screen door,

carrying your legs sensual linens flowing.

A strapless tease of naked shoulders shout, our

eyes speak smooth fancy, watching, observing… 60 more words


Morning Song

          In semitones it sang its morning song:
          With perfect intonation did it sound
          Each pitch-pure shaft of tone to richly confound
The staccato, choppy, chirpy, cheepy throng. 84 more words

My Toothbrush: A Sonnet, by Laura Bender


My Toothbrush:

A Traditional English Sonnet in Trochaic Pentameter

by Laura Bender

*to be read in the rhythm of trochaic pentameter*

*the couplet is a trochee followed by four iambic feet*  96 more words