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Confrérie de gueules

Composition de Cochonfucius

Dans l’air nous suivons la voie lumineuse,
Comme Dupanloup volant en ballon ;
Planant bien plus haut que l’herbage blond,
Faisant moins de bruit qu’une moissonneuse. 78 more words


July by Jean L. Kreiling


This heat, too thick and sticky to be shaken
from fleshy creases, saturates your brain
until your stupor might well be mistaken
for cool, come-hither posing—but hard rain… 107 more words


Technically a Sonnet But I Want To Stamp On It

My nails itch when you look at me sideways,
and I cannot keep my hands to myself.
You give new meaning to every Friday.
I think about your thighs and feel compelled… 83 more words


Sonnet (Recruiters)

30 Jun 2015 – Sonnet

The romance of a dogsled with its dogs!
“Come see the world!” the glossy handouts read.
New graduates in back, their asses flogged… 99 more words


Sonnet 116

Tell me that you love me
My pretty and my sweet
Let me hear those words again
Then I may place my lips on yours… 127 more words


Healing Love (sonnet)

Your touch, a paralytic to my mind,
Sends intellect, all shamefaced, into hiding –
No logic, sense or symmetry of thought
Has strength to stop such heat from overriding. 79 more words

Wet Gardens

Tomato vines have spots of early blight
Because this cool rain falls both day and night.
The eggplants and the butternuts are slow
Because they need more sun than this to grow. 68 more words