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Water - Part IV - Hidden

Hidden in the water and the marsh grass,
seemingly safe in its secluded spot
is a nest that we could easily pass
by and never realize is there if not… 116 more words


Plea for Clarity (Sonnet-ish)

If we had space together and time,
This coyness, poet, were no crime.
But hidden meaning will stay dark
When clarity won’t leave its mark. 68 more words

Dans les cieux

Composition de Cochonfucius

Au ciel d’argent, les anges dorment,
Sauf un qui reste à méditer,
Perché sur une branche d’orme
Tout le printemps, et tout l’été. 70 more words



I drug myself to push you from my mind;

Ignore your presence as well as I may.

I want to numb desires that do bind… 91 more words


Kiss of A Lifetime

To think of you when we shared our first kiss
Still makes my heart fill with a certain joy;
Sublime in every way. What bliss… 96 more words


XIV #2 - Poor Fellow

Heavy breathin’, walking on a stiff leg
O’er his frigid palm, a stem of rose
Rehearsing some lines with edgy mouth pegged
Trying to calm down by fixing his clothes… 86 more words


Water - Part III - Wondrous and Strange

We miss so much of what’s wondrous and strange.
Sometimes because we don’t know where to look
but often, by our own choice we arrange… 123 more words