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How to be a great dad....the beginning

I’m starting this blog to make change happen.  Big change.  I want to change the way fathers raise their sons and I’m going to need your help to get the word out. 181 more words


Three Months In

I clearly remember the first time the thought crossed my mind that it might be fun to have a son.

We were driving along, listening to a cd, and Steven Curtis Chapman’s son was singing the Veggie Tales song “I Love My Lips”. 396 more words


The House Husband 10 Commandments

I’ve been doing the House Husband thing for a month now. As long as I ignore the bloodletting, all is going quite well! 

To make sure things stay that way… 263 more words


Our youngest, Kable Blaze Wharton.

Enjoy :) x

Kristy @ foreveryours design & photography 


Don't blink, you'll miss it

There are things in life that are incredibly quick.

A Jack Russell spotting a rabbit some distance away and absolutely belting after it, Josh getting off his chair after being offered a treat for eating all his tea, Rosie getting to Boots on hearing there is a sale on Benefit makeup. 339 more words

Incompatible Worths

Maybe I’m bitter or maybe I’m insecure. But whatever it is, I still don’t understand how someone like her could marry a guy like that. Not that they’re married now but soon to be because they just recently got engaged. 275 more words

Daily Word Vomit

Thanks Mom

Make sure to say thank you to all of the people who’ve helped you out  :)

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