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"La bande annonce", l'album d'Artcore State of Mind en écoute intégrale

#01. La somme

#02. Intro

#03. La bande annonce

#04. Des ombres, des gens, des anges

#05. A l’abri de moi même

#06. Faut que j’arrête… 17 more words


#285 - Write a Letter...

…to your most senior employee that justifies why he or she is being replaced by the boss’s nine-year-old son.

Dear Rupert,

Let’s just cut to the chase. 

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Rude or Technical Difficulty

Last week, I was secretly angry with my son.
I had done something for him and he didn’t acknowledge me – no thanks, no nothing! 362 more words


It gets murky...

It’s not that I’ve forgotten you, sweet angel of mine, it’s that I just lost myself for a little while.  You’ve been there so strong and true.  

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Kait King Poetry

Update Kinda 

Hello all,

It’s April 25th, and yesterday marked one month since Juan went off to basic training. We’ve been sending each other letters, and it’s so comforting knowing that everything is going according to plan. 114 more words


A son is a son…..

I grew up hearing the rhyme, ” A daughter’s a daughter all of her life, but a son is a son till he takes on a wife”. 725 more words