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DID YOU KNOW? #22 (Suicide)

Did you know suicide is never the answer to any problem?  You have power over your mind, not outside events.  Realize this and you will find strength.   967 more words

Something To Think About

Palm Sunday Reflections

March will soon come to an end. I find endings and beginnings to be important times to slow down and reflect and consider where I am and what I’m thinking about what has come to be and what is yet to be. 712 more words

Something To Think About

Random thoughts

Why work hard for something you wouldn’t inherit and benefit from in the future? Isn’t that pointless? Dedicating your whole life to something that you would leave behind when your old and gray. 27 more words



Each and every one of us make some sort of impact on those around us. The only left to wonder is what kind of impact? Good, bad, big, small? 145 more words


Fifty by Fifty

I recently celebrated my birthday and ushered in the last year of my 40’s. The truth is, I had a pretty difficult time turning 40, so when it hit me that this was the year leading up to welcoming a new decade, I decided I wanted to be proactive and hopefully better prepared mentally and emotionally when the big 5-0 rolls around. 316 more words

Something To Think About

Truly Dayenu

I sit this morning with a perfect – well, almost perfect anyway – view of the sunrise.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills or the camera that will allow me to capture the depth and fullness of what I see … the subtle beauty of this morning awakening to the rising light as my eyes and my thoughts capture the scene through the window in my front door. 666 more words

Something To Think About